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Ok then.  This blog garners an average of over 2,500 pageviews a day and over 80,000 pageviews a month.  And it continues to grow.  (My mom assures me that only 5-7 of the daily hits belong to her and my husband doesn't even read my blog....I hope.)  My Klout score ranges anywhere from 63-67 depending on the day.

You can also pay $30 to sponsor an individual post.  This gets you 3-5 sentences about your site/product at the bottom of an upcoming post.  The content of the sentences is dictated by you and can say pretty much anything besides "Lauren smells like worms."

Or if you'd like your text ad to show up under the "Blogs I Love" category on my sidebar, my rate is $15 monthly.

To get your ad on my site, just click your ad choice above or send an email containing your ad/desired text/juicy gossip to  I will respond with payment information.  Invoices are available if necessary.

You are awesome.

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