Senses and An Alarming Lack Of Sensibility

It's a good day Blogstalkers!

Since I've been updating only sporadically since I got pregnant and then exactly like Duchess Kate got hyperemsis gravidarum I thought I would use today to catch you all up on my life.


Tasting: Twickers.  Which is when you have one half of a Twix and one half of a Snickers left uneaten on the coffee table before you go to bed so you put them together in a tupperware in the freezer and then overnight they freeze together into one candy bar and you are like "Hey! A Twickers!"

Seeing: Harry Potter 8 (I'm going through a bit of a HP re-obsession at the moment if you hadn't noticed.  Part of reason is that I am currently on 'pelvic rest' so I'm required to spend a lot of time on the couch.) 

Smelling: Lamb and Chickpea Chili bubbling away on the stove for dinner.  It's still just in the low 60s here so chili is not ridiculous.  Plus this chili should be eaten year round no matter what the temperature because it is RIDICULOUS.

Touching: Pants and a shirt!  This might not seem like an !exclamation point! sort of statement to you but my morning sickness at its worst was extremely tactile-centered so I could not touch ANYTHING and NOTHING could touch me.  Like seriously nothing.  Toothbrushes, Q-Tips, Showers,  Ryan's breath on the back of my neck at night.  So today is a pretty big improvement over the day my husband made me go to a family BBQ and a relative overheard me whisper "I wish I was naked right now" to Ryan.

Hearing: About five minutes ago - "Down" by Jay Sean which meant that my phone was ringing and it was Ryan (he chose that song for us to walk back down the aisle to at our wedding).  I don't know what he wanted because I got too caught up in the music to answer again.  Also I'm mad at him because this morning I was really tired and forgot what I was doing while I was making myself oatmeal and so I was just standing at the counter staring at the bowl and he was all "Just because your brain waves are of the MICRO variety does not mean that they work to heat up food."

UPDATE: I got a text.  He was calling to see how the chili was doing.  It's doing fine.  I'M FINE TOO THANKS RYAN.  I mean, a bit bossy and needy but that's normal.

Sixth Sense: Nothing YET.  I do have this weird persistent feeling though, almost a presentiment or augury, a premonition if you will, that I will have a sixth sense in the future.

Tell me what you're tasting/seeing/smelling/touching/hearing today?

Also, I posted this yesterday on Facebook but I wanted to mention here as well that I am OVER THE MOON about being chosen as one of Blogher's 25 Voice of the Year Honorees for Humor blogging (out of thousands of submissions!)  The honorees were chosen by a reading committee and not through a voting system so I'm feeling really very proud of this accomplishment.  I never would have gotten here without the unflagging support of all you excellent readers so I want to just say thank you thank you thank you.


  1. Currently seeing: Lauren's blog post. Hearing: Pitch Perfect Sountrack. Smelling: office beagle. Tasting: uh, water? Feeling: like I have to pee. You're WELCOME. (If you get that sixth sense, let me know. I lost a cute top.)

    1. Oh I love Pitch Perfect. The last fifteen minutes of that movie rocks my socks off. I've made Ryan watch it too many times to count. Then I tried to get him to act it out with me but he wouldn't. He's no fun.

    2. Currently watching it with my four year old daughter. We seriously watched the last fifteen minutes of that movie over and over for about an hour and a half last night. "I wanna watch that part again mommy, AGAIN!"
      She now says she wants to be beca, and I love watching it with her because she sings and dances along to the movie.

    3. Huh. Well it sounds like your four year old daughter and I would be great friends. I am happy to be everyone but Beca in our sing-a-longs.

  2. I'm right there with you on the HP reobsession, but it's hindered by having lent all my HP books AND movies to my BFF. Also, I would gladly help Neville search for his toad anyday.
    And now I'm off to buy a Twix and a Snickers to try your Twicker!

    1. We have HBO and #8 and #2 are On Demand right now so I pretty much switch off between the two. I'm considering rereading all the books to my stomach (with voices) as soon as my baby book tells me that the baby can hear sounds. Soon.

    2. I too re-read the whole HP pretty much every year.

      Have you listened to the HP series on tape? Err...I mean on CD? MP3? (Can you tell that "books on tape" emerged during my childhood?)

      Anyway, the actor that reads them is amazing and he does ALL of the voices. ALL of them! My local library has them on CD and available for temporary MP3 download.

    3. I JUST yesterday told Ryan I would like the British tapes/CDs whatever so I could listen to them at night in bed instead of trying to watch tv to fall asleep. The very worst thing about my morning sickness so far has been that reading makes me almost like...seasick (especially if I'm reading about ocean voyages) so I can't do much of that at night any longer.

      I'm so excited to get them!

  3. Congratulations! On many levels, but most recently being able to wear pants and being chosen as a Blogher honoree.
    Tasting:Diet Coke, it gets me through my work day, don't judge
    Seeing: This blog, but I should be working
    Smelling: Not much right now. Allergies
    Touching: The wonderful keys of my laptop!
    Hearing: The hum of my work computer trying unsuccessfully to lure me back in
    Sixth Sense: Not so much. I think it is on the blink!

    1. Thanks! I'm especially happy about the pants thing. Otherwise I couldn't even GO to Blogher. Or at least I couldn't stay very long without getting escorted out.

  4. Tasting: hot dogs because I just had Nathan's Famous hot dogs for lunch
    Seeing: my dog begging to go out on the patio because there are stray kittens outside
    Smelling: the vanilla cupcake scented candle I have burning
    Touching: my phone so I can respond to this
    Hearing: the air conditioning kick on and a podcast called Stuff You Missed in History Class.

    1. Things I want after reading this comment: A hot dog with everything on it, a vanilla cupcake, a kitten.

      I am very suggestible.

  5. The Voice of the Year is well deserved! Congratulations!
    As for my senses:
    Tasting: my churro and Crystal light peach bellini water (my life is so exciting)
    Seeing: my son playing Xbox with his friends
    Smelling: strawberries soaking in my kitchen sink (I'm making a hot milk cake for a family party this weekend and will make a topping out of strawberries and blueberries and fresh whipped cream. It's all patriotic.)
    Touching: My laptop and the occasional reach over to pet my dog.
    Hearing: "Down" (go figure)
    No sixth sense unless you count being able to figure out what my son is going to say or do before he does it. He's always telling me to, "Get out of my head." But it's way too fun to mess with him this way.

    1. Thank You!

      Well now I want a churro. It's really a lovely thing to be hungry again. I'm going to regain all the weight I lost in no time flat.

  6. Glad you're feeling better!

    Tasting:nothing and I'm starving. I haven't been in the mood for food so I had a granola bar and some watermelon for lunch. 5 hours ago. {rumble, rumble says tummy}

    Seeing: My ad in the corner which reminds me I should probably update it since I'm talking about BlogHer 2012...

    Smelling: My hair. I currently have a piece up to my nose like an old time mustache because I had my hair done in a salon yesterday and it still smells really, really good.

    Touching: A super sassy dress which looks super sassy due to my spanx tanktop I'm wearing under it.

    Hearing: My "Pitch Perfect" pandora station. It's the perfect mix of the soundtrack, some country, and dance music.

    Sixth Sense: I might have one right now. Or it could just be my rumbly tummy confusing me.

    1. Thank You!

      (And I was so sorry to read about your loss Joules.)

      Update the ad any time you want, just let me know what you want tit to say.

      By 'tit' above I mean 'it'. I was going to change it but then I was like..meh.

      I'm totally adoring all the Pitch Perfect love today!

  7. Congrats on the Blogher recognition! And I hope you get through this extreme morning sickness soon! While I often say that I'd love to spend days and days on my sofa, I can't imagine it's too much fun when you have to do it.

    Tasting: Tazo refresh mint iced tea. Yum! But I also just have to tell you about the most awesome lunch ever - a grilled cheese sandwich with mac'n'cheese on it from a local food truck. Freaking awesome! Must go to the gym tonight though.

    Seeing: My parents' 40th anniversary present that I must go mail today so that they'll get it by Sunday.

    Smelling: Nothing really. But that's a good thing in my crappy office as usually by this time of day someone has burned microwave popcorn or someone else has too much perfume on.

    Touching: My butt to my chair. I need to move!

    Hearing: Alt Nation on Sirius-XM internet radio. Specifically "All I Want" by Kodaline.

    Sixth Sense: Nope, I got nothing on this one.

    1. I feel like an awful person admitting this but I used to think Bed Rest didn't sound like a bad thing at all. I WOULD LOVE to be on bed rest I would think to myself. But it's simply not fun. Especially since reading tends to make me sick right I'm just watching tv and trying to hang out in the kitchen in the couple of hours a day I'm allowed to be on my feet.

      And now I want that lunch. Oh I love having my appetite back. It makes me want to cry. Oh hormones.

  8. Yay! You're feeling better!! And congratulations on being chosen for BlogHer!! Yay!!

    Okay, so my stuff is...

    Tasting: Coffee... which is washing down the taste of pesto... which was a weird blend during that transition period.
    Seeing: The inside of the bookshop where I work... and where I'm currently reading your blog instead of working...
    Smelling: Books and coffee. Aka: Perfection in my nose.
    Touching: A very clackity keyboard and a very squeaky chair.
    Hearing: The clacking of my keyboard, and "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac playing in the background.
    Sixth Sense: I get headaches when the weather is about to change dramatically. Does that count? I think that counts.

    1. Thanks!

      And seriously I am beyond envious of your workplace. I so want to work in a bookshop. I've applied to every single one in Chicago basically but no luck.

      And I like clackity keyboards. My dad thinks that's the worst noise ever but he also claims to hate mayonnaise while eating potato salad like it's his job. So I don't listen to many of his opinions on things.

  9. AHHHHHHH!!!! HUGE congrats on Blogher. That's so freaking awesome!!!!

  10. Awww very cool on the Blogher honor. You totally deserve it and I hope that no one does anything to you that makes your morning sickness night time sickness so you can live it up. This does mean you will get a whole new league of stalker though so I will be happy to say I was here before all of that.

    1. And just because I'm a joiner here's my stuff too

      Tasting: Raspberry lemonade Crystal Light
      Seeing: Bones, I lust after David Boreanaz and I heart Temperance Brennan
      Smelling: My hair, just washed it
      Touching: My laptop
      Hearing: Crazy Popeye's lady trying to sell me butterfly shrimp, I have issues getting seafood where I get chicken though
      Sixth Sense: I normally only see and hear stupid people but today is good so I'm gonna cancel that one

  11. hmmmm I like this game.

    Tasting - I just ate an ice cream sandwich 15 minutes ago, but all the delicious chocolate cookie part is still stuck in my teeth. Yum.
    Seeing - This blog. And my dog passed out on the tile in the kitchen. It is hot as Hades in Las Vegas this week. The fact that you are eating chili makes me sick with envy.
    Smelling - Lasagna spores from dinner floating in the air.
    Touching - my computer keys
    Sixth Sense - hmmmm I have these dreams about my friends when they're pregnant and haven't told anyone yet. I'm right about 90% of the time.

  12. I feel like your sister in bedrestedness after my jaw surgery and I would LOVE your lamb chickpea chili recipe (although I can only eat it blended until I start my soft chew diet on August 1st!

    Tasting: Home made cream of tomato soup
    Seeing: Lost Girl-I'm hopelessly addicted to this series
    Smelling: Flowers my parents sent me as a welcome home present (baby's breath stinks!)
    Touching: My stuffed horse (a stuffed animal, not a taxidermied horse!)
    Hearing: Bullfrogs out my window
    Sixth Sense: It's going to rain...again...sigh...

  13. Brooke7/03/2013

    I have the taste of the custard base for the chocolate martini ice cream I'm making warring with the smell of spit-up on my last full day of maternity leave. Whaaaah! Oddly enough I didn't smell the major blow-out, just felt my leg suddenly get soaked.

  14. Tasting: Toothpaste. Which is way better than morning-after-I-drank-way-too-much-wine breath, which I was rocking a few minutes ago.
    Seeing: The disaster that is my and Brian's office. Ugh.
    Smelling: Not a whole lot. I wish I was smelling coffee. Or cheese. Or corned beef hash.
    Touching: The keyboard. No shirt or pants here. You're welcome.
    Hearing: The sound of the air conditioner. Allergies=A/C even when it's not hot out.
    Sixth Sense: I had a weird dream about my ex-boyfriend from a decade ago. Wonder what that means.

  15. Hey congratulations on the Blogher's Honoree thingie! Kudos to you!

  16. Congrats Lauren and to be fair I have no idea why you are thanking us - we do not make you funny, it is because you are so funny that we keep coming back daily.

    Tasting today - at the moment nothing but later anything ice-lolly related seen as it is a cooler day today than it has been all week and we are still looking at 24 degrees celcius when our normal is 15.....

    As I have to be grown up and paint fences all day today instead of playing computer games (and on my week off work as well, how dare Hubby remind me to put suncream on before I go to work in the garden....) I have to stand in the gorgeous weather sweltering.

    Beautiful B is off work I discovered last night (I would have known that had I looked at the calendar I so religiously keep and do not bother to read) so she can sun herself in the garden and go and get me ice-lollies on a regular basis.


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