Five Things Fridays - Here Are Some Random Words and Pictures.

What is up Blogstalkers?  Happy that it's Friday? I know I am.

I thought I'd use the time today to let you all get to know me a little better.  I'm sure you're all like "OH we know you plenty well enough LAUREN, like remember when you filled my mind with images of your butt?"

And you might be right, but I'm doing it anyway.  I promise to not mention my butt even one time.  Or let's just say, less than three times.  Since I suppose I did already mention it twice.

My butt.

I'm crap at promises.

Anyway, here goes.

1.  When I was in like sixth grade President Clinton came to speak at our community high school.  I went to watch the (outdoor) speech.  I was very short and tiny and looked like I was maybe like 9 instead of 12.  I couldn't see so my dad let me clamber up on top of something tall to watch him talking.  Then when he was finished and walking past a line of people, shaking hands, my dad encouraged me to use my bitsy-ness to squeeze through the cracks and see if I could shake his hand.  I was successful.  He briefly squeezed my hand and said something to the effect of, "I hope you got to see at least some of the rally," "Oh yeah," I replied, "I climbed on top of the porta-potty."  And then he was gone and I realized what I had said and I never told anyone that story until now.  I'm sure he didn't even hear me, but still.

2. This one is a bit serious but I've been fielding A LOT of emails and questions about having a baby and pregnancy and am I pregnant and am I trying to get pregnant now that I'm off my medications.  So here's the basic story: I've had two ovarian cysts rupture in the last two years and I've had my hormone levels checked and all sorts of tests done and things are just...weird.  I'm not pregnant right now and we're not trying to get pregnant right now.  I fully intend to write about this more on the Mom.Me site when I'm feeling up to it as this is not really the proper venue.  But I just wanted to sort of let you all know the situation.  In the meantime, thanks so much for your concern!  And now I will shut up about this.

3. I collect buttons.  Well, technically pins I suppose.  Here is a picture of three of my favorites.

Also in high school one of my sisters gave me a bunch of little red pins that said "I Am Loved" on them in all different languages.  I gave the Italian one to Ryan and I remember that he used to take it with him  in his bag whenever he traveled.  I just got curious if he still had it so I snooped in his traveling bag for the reason of LOVE and he totally does!

Sidenote: For everyone who is all SNOOPING IS BAD! I'm totally with you on that, I actually had to text Ryan and ask where his bag was and he told me and then was like "Wait, Why?"  And I said, "For snooping purposes." And he said "Oh Ok."  So we're all good.  He was probably more worried that I was going to fill it with with buttered popcorn jelly beans and then go see a movie or something.

Other things Ryan apparently has saved over the years:

A five page letter I wrote him the night before we went away to different colleges, A "Just Married" pin from Disney World that was given to use on our honeymoon and all of the ridiculous little notes I used to pass him in the hallway in high school.

God Ryan, stop being so obsessed with me! (Also, please don't.)

4. I keep a dream journal right next to my bed lately because I'm having the oddest dreams and then often don't remember them unless I jot them down as soon as I wake up from them, usually in the middle of the night.  Sometimes I still don't remember them after I read what I wrote:

 - Caught in cat net.

 - Won a race because I tripped everyone else with yogurt sauce in my pockets.

 - Lived in Full House house.  In bathroom like Stephanie in that one episode.  My name was Thunder for some reason?  (This one I sort of remember because they all kept saying things like, "Dad can we bring Comet and Thunder?" And I was like, Comet is the fucking dog and I am a person living in your bathroom, we are not to be grouped together like that.)

My brain is a frightening place to be sometimes.  What even is a cat net?

5. This has nothing to do with me.  This is just a picture of OJ and Ryan after they got drunk in a bookstore and then cut ahead of me in line to meet The Bloggess.  I'm not in the picture because "Be reasonable Lauren, SOMEONE has to work the camera."

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Have a fantastic weekend Blogstalkers!


  1. Mary M4/05/2013

    I love all of this. Also, I think a dream journal is a great idea since I always wake up convinced I wrote an incredible song/book/movie script in my sleep and then I wake up and reality smacks me in the face and says 'why yes, you could be rich and famous but NOPE, you can't remember it!'

  2. I have missed Five Things Fridays. I love that Ryan saved all your little notes from high school. He is really just a big sweetheart, I would assume.

  3. Megan M.4/05/2013

    Gratuitous OJ! YES!!!!!!

    And how sweet is that that Ryan has kept all of those things? I don't think my husband has a single note I wrote him. I'll add that to the list of random things I have decided to be mad at him about. He loves that. LOL

  4. PotterWhovian4/05/2013

    Next thing we know, a book entitled 'My Butt; an introspective look at Unusual dreams.'

  5. I made the most undignified noise when I saw the letter and notes! How sweet is Ryan?!?

  6. The only political person i ever met in real life was the state representative that represents us down in Austin. When i was in high school, he came to one of the tables i was at and shook my hand and told me to vote for him. I don't even remember his name now.

  7. I'm so glad you started this post by mentioning it was Friday. I had totally forgotten it was Friday and was trying to figure out why you were posting on a Thursday. But now, I'm super excited. Why? Because it is Friday! Have a great weekend. :)

  8. I love everything about this post. Every. Last. Thing. The buttons make me extra super happy though. I was just having a conversation with a coworker about Full House and your dream THRILLS me. Stephanie in the bathtub. DJ in the garage. Sharing bedrooms is TOUGH. Dad hug!

  9. Cat net = Internet for cats. Think SkyNet. Obvi.

  10. What bookstore allows open containers of alcohol? I must know so I can "go to there." This is probably a bad idea though because I spend enough time and money in bookstores and do not need another excuse!

  11. Your Inigo Montoya pin means that I have to love you forever now. :) Love that movie SO much! :) And, weird dreams happen to everyone, I think. I just don't write mine down because I don't want to feel any more weird that I do already.

  12. i just love that i was there for the bookstore photo. i am also not pictured because i was sick and didn't feel up to waiting in line to meet her. sad story, but at least i got to meet you. and use your brush! and have oj accuse me of hitting on him, which wasn't the case at all, i just love bread. slightly awkward, slightly awesome.

  13. I love that you still have your high school notes. It is so special that you two share all that history!

  14. Wait! Wait! Wait! They serve beer in your bookstore???

  15. You totally got jipped on the picture with The Bloggess. I idolize her (and you, but I don't wanna inflate your ego or anything).

  16. Anonymous4/06/2013

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  17. I totally had a button collection (and a key chain collection) when I was a kid. Most of them were the free beer ones I got from my parents owning a bar.

  18. Paige Hudson Garcia4/07/2013

    LOVED this post (but what else is new)?
    Reminded me that I wore a pin-covered denim jacket in jr high school in the 80's (I was so know, back then), and I remember that my favorite pin was one that said "Why Be Normal?" Why indeed?
    I was also there for the awesomeness that was you, Ryan, OJ, and The Bloggess ALL IN ONE PLACE and I got to meet all of you and you were totally gracious about letting some random blogstalker (me) gush all over you. So thank you double (both for that AND the reminder that it actually happened)!
    My only regret? NOT buying a drink there. Sigh. Live and learn.

  19. Ooooh, I went all mushy when I read that Ryan has saved your letter and notes - that is so very sweet!

    My hubby was out getting drunk with his best friend on Saturday. When I got there to pick him up I walked into the room and saw him showing some girls (who had sat at the same table as the pub was so busy) photos of us on our wedding day and photos of his daughter (technically mine, his by default).

    Isn't it great when you see just how much they love you in action?

  20. The I am Loved pins are from Helzburg Diamonds. Or at least they used to give them out. We ended up getting my ring made by them, so I asked for a box of pins in all sorts of languages and we gave them out at our wedding. I saved a few of them, if you ever need replacements.
    That little stash of Lauren nostalgia is the sweetest thing ever. Especially how worn the letter is... Ryan is a sap after all!!

  21. I am not sure what I am most jealous of: OJ & Ryan's beer, the fact that they are chilling with the Bloggess or the fact that the Bloggess got to meet OJ.....Hmmmm... Let's see, I have met the Bloggess and I prefer vodka, so I think it is probably that the Bloggess got to meet OJ.

  22. omg, how sweet is Ryan saving all these things? this post was perfection, funny, serious, sweet, political(ish) and OJ.

  23. Dana M.4/21/2013

    I was totally going to brag about having met Kyle Farnsworth and how dreamy he was. Then I read you and RYAN and OJ met the Bloggess and now my balloon is all deflated.


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