How Ryan Met Lauren Part III - Part II - The Conclusion To The Wedding

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Actually I might post this on Thursday (today) if I actually get it finished tonight, but then "Happy Thursday" is not a thing nor should it be a thing so if I do post tonight I will refuse to change my salutation out of veritude and stubbornness, or as one Mr. Stephen Colbert (whom I have totally met) would say - truthiness.

Sidenote: Seeing someone leading a homecoming parade and then shouting "Stephen Colbert! Stephen Colbert! Stephen Colbert!" until they look at you and then pointing to your name tag is the same as meeting them right?

Moving on from that monstrosity of an opening, today I bring you the conclusion to the conclusion of the How Ryan Met Lauren series of posts.  And then you can all stop sending me harassing emails ok? Also, whichever of you threatened a "Chicago Cheese Blockade if you do not post the rest of your wedding for crying out loud," that is totally not even possible, I checked with local law enforcement agencies and they all laughed in my face because of how ridiculous you were being.

If you're new here, you might want to first catch up by reading:

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And then mosey on back here for the Grand Finale.

We left off after taking pictures just before 5pm on December 11th, 2010 on what was probably the most disappointing day of weather Chicago had ever seen.

Umbrellas and naked flesh should never be seen in Chicago in the middle of the Winter!  Where are the icicles?  Where is the blizzard?  Where the fuck is my Thunder Snow?

But weather issues aside, the show had to go on.

As least that is what Lauren told Ryan when he was all "You know, we're not married yet, we could always just do this another day," and then she was like "There isn't even any snow RYAN, you can not possibly have cold feet, the show must go on!"

So the wedding party rushed off to the ceremony/reception venue and readied themselves to watch the wedding that had been 22 years in the making.

As our groom is a nice Jewish boy and our Lauren is a sweet (I really tried to leave that word there and just...couldn't) Christian girl, the ceremony was officiated by a judge friend of the bride's father and was approximately five minutes long (no joke.)

Lauren doesn't remember the part where everyone was making their way down the aisle in front of her because she was really nervous and felt like she might vomit.  But make their way down they aisle they did, as evidenced by these pictures.  (Our ceremony really was very short and oddly set up, so some of the pictures are taken from weird angles.)

OJ taking his duty of walking with Lauren's mother and Ryan's father very seriously.

Ryan and his mom.
And after all three hundred members of the wedding party had made their way down the aisle, it was finally time for Lauren to make her entrance.  And she realized she didn't feel nervous and like she might vomit any longer.  She felt excited and suddenly could not get down that drag her father down that damn aisle fast enough.  She was at last marrying the only boy she'd ever loved.

A tender moment between OJ and I where I am thinking non-mischevious innocent bride-like things and definitely not "I TOLD you I'd get him to the altar before the end of the year!"
And then Lauren and Ryan were quickly married, before Ryan had a chance to bust out of the joint.  It was like a shotgun wedding without any shotguns or pregnant brides.

Rings were exchanged, vows were exchanged and finally, the phrase Lauren had been waiting almost ten years to hear, "I now pronounce you man and wife, Lauren you may kiss your husband."

And she was like, "This judge has correctly gauged who is the boss of this relationship."
And then she kissed her husband.
After the ceremony, the standard family pictures were taken while all of Lauren and Ryan's friends sipped fancy cocktails and munched on hors d'oeuvres in the bar area.  It was ages before our bride even had a chance to update her Facebook status.

I was not only updating my status to "Married" I was also googling pictures of cute babies so I could send them to Ryan with the tagline "Here's To The Next Step."
Once the venue had been converted from make-shift altar to dining room, the guests were somewhat reluctantly shuttled from the bar to their seats for dinner.

Everything was very simple and rustic. 
As soon as all of the guests were seated, the wedding party was announced and Ryan and Lauren were announced and it was time for speeches.

The bow ties had polka dots and our toasting flutes had polka dots and my underwear had polka dots and it is none of your concern what else had polka dots.
First up was Jordan, the Maid of Honor and Lauren's oldest younger sister.

She was perfect.
She was sentimental and touching at times. 
And completely hilarious at times.
The above picture was taken, I believe, right after she said "In 1988, a four year old Lauren decided she was going to marry the blonde-haired blue-eyed boy in her preschool class.  Twenty-two years later she settled for Ryan."

OJ's speech was next.

Hi Y'all I'm OJ and I'm The Best Man and everything I say next is probably going to be ridiculous.
It went a little something like, "There comes a day in every man's life when he meets his soulmate.  The person with whom he is destined to spend the rest of his life.  For Ryan that happy day came to pass just about eight years ago when he met...ME."

Because, yeah.

He later redeemed himself.

After dinner and the speeches, first dances were danced.

"You Are The Best Thing" By Ray LaMontagne

And then it was finally time for the merriment!

The photo booth.  I understand that this is not usually how photo booths work.
My BFF Vanessa and Ryan's and my friend Ramin.  He was there when our romance first bloomed, in preschool.
At around ten p.m., people decided it was time to break out The Hora/Havah Nagilah.  And then Lauren hid in the bathroom.  (Seriously, she hid.)  Because she was terrified about getting up on that chair.

Ryan had a grand old time obviously.

 And then her traitor sisters found Lauren in the bathroom because of how it is really hard to hide in a bathroom stall while wearing a giant wedding dress and humming "So This Is Love" from the movie Cinderella.

  "You can get down as soon as I get one picture of you smiling up there." - Lauren's also-traitorous photographer.

So then Lauren quite successfully pulled off a smile in the middle of being scared for her life.
Once all of the jerks at the wedding finally let Lauren off of that death chair, the gods decided that since she was such a good sport that they would gift her with a Wedding Miracle.


Our Thank You Cards

And a wonderful time was had by all.

And then because of how when rain and snow mix they make ice, Lauren and Ryan got snowed into Chicago for the first two days of their honeymoon and Lauren looked to the sky and shouted "I take back all of the thanks for the miracle snow," and then the lady in the airport was all "Ma'am, we do not yell in airports."

So That's All Folks!

I was intending on putting some photo booth pictures in this post as well, but again, it's gotten too long, so I'll just wait until next Wednesday for a Mostly Wordless Wednesday post to use those!

Hope you enjoyed.  As always, here are some gratuitous pictures of our wedding.

We had "You Are The Best Thing" inscribed on each of our wedding rings.

I Really Should Stop Calling These Wordless Wednesdays - The Day I Knew I Had Found My Best Friend Soulmate And Other Random Things.

Hi Blogstalkers!

I'm in such a good mood today!  It's in the 70s here (for now) and it almost feels like Fall.  And if it's almost Fall you know what that means, Winter is just around the corner.  Which means snowflakes and mittens and carols and drinking German beer in Daley Plaza for Christkindlmarket.  I can hardly wait!

These mittens in particular.  Ryan recently gave them to me and now I am just dying to have a reason to wear them.  I used them to get ice cream out of the freezer just yesterday.
I'm also in a good mood because I got a package in the mail yesterday from lovely Blogstalker Melissa.

And it was covered in awesomeness.
It was almost too pretty to open.  But open it I did.  And inside was THIS.  Ryan is going to be so displeased!!

Now she just needs a name.
 In case you are wondering why Melissa sent me this print, I will tell you the story now.  This April I got my first ever piece of hate mail.  And then I posted this status on Facebook.

Its Really very lovely to check your personal mail at lunch and find you've received hate mail.

It turns out that I "suck" and my blog "sucks". Also I always say things that I "think are funny but actually suck."

I'd be more upset if the email wasn't so well-written.

And then a bit later I posted this status on Facebook.

Choice morsels from today's hate mail.

"Subject Line: The Cardinals Don't Stink"

"You cant just say something on the internet and then it is automaticaly true."

"Didnt you ever see Babmi? If you cant say anything nice then don't say anything at all."

I think someone was hurt over the picture I posted of me on the blog as a child with the "Cards Stink" sign.

And since I already owed Melissa a tentacle for something I don't remember, probably making me wet my pants from laughing too hard, she posted this on my wall.

I am naming the first tentacle that you send me "Babmi" 

Babmi will be my "touched in the head" tentacle. by far my most irksome, irrational, and irresponsible tentacle.

btw, I am already planning on poking people with Babmi, then when they turn around and look at me, I will say "didn't you see Babmi?" <------direct quote from your first piece of hate mail. I am the best Blogstalker EVER ;)

And then I flaked and never sent Melissa her tentacle.  So she posted this on my wall.

"I remember all my life
oceans that were cold as ice
shadowed tentacles
lie beneath the sand
the night goes into morning,
just another day
happy fishies pass my way
looking in fish eyes
I see a memory I never realized
how happy you made me
Oh, Babmi"
you were a tentacle that gave without takin',
but Lauren never sent you my way, oh Babmi,
she thought there was a chance you were justin timbertentacle,
and I missed you today, oh babmi"

I messed up on some lyrics, bc Josh decided there was a limit on how many times I could replay this Barry Manilow song to get my remix right. That's right, I made you a Manilow remix. It's about how I'd like my tentacle to come in the mail? ;) :)

And so, because of the incredible Manilow remix and because of how I felt terrible for not sending anyone their promised tentacles (I'm sure I still owe some of you tentacles right?) I not only sent Melissa her tentacle, I did her one better.

I had Jenny 'The Bloggess' Lawson sign it when I hung out with her in Chicago this summer first.

And then Melissa sent me an Octopus-creature print in thanks.  The End.  Isn't that the happiest story ever?  Its beauty and truth bring tears to my eyes.

Moving on...

The one picture I was actually going to post today for this weeks Mostly Wordless Wednesday (who am I kidding, there is no way I'm going to ever be able to be wordless,) is this one.

Your eyes are not deceiving you.  This is a peanut shaped like a duck.
The story of how I got this duck-shaped peanut is as follows.  My senior year of college my parents took Vanessa and me to a Cubs game.  It was the first time my parents had ever met Vanessa.  She and I, at this point, are definitely friends, but in a more casual way.

At one point in the game my mom is all like "Oh look! This peanut is sort of shaped like a duck! How cute!"  And then she moves the hand holding the peanut toward her mouth.

As if in slow motion I see Vanessa lunge across me to grab the nut out of my mother's hand, "You give me that Duck Nut!" she shouts.

Having rescued the small duck Vanessa settles back into her seat.  Then she hands me the little thing and says, "Here, please keep this safe," and goes back to watching the game as if nothing untoward has just happened.

Tears spring to my eyes.  "Yeah, you two are going to be friends for a long time, " my mom remarks from my side.

"I know," I whisper reverently in return.

And here we are six years later.

This is a very bad picture of my hips.  I blame how I am sitting on the fence.

Day Two Of Live Blogging. I Hope No One Asks What I Am Wearing Today.

No preamble today Blogstalkers, let's just jump right in.

(Read the first part of this post here.)

Q: Do you think the windup robots/racecar on the side of your desk are currently staging a revolt against Tiny Danza since he has been so gallantly named while they haven't? 

A: Only sometimes.  Other times they have tea parties.  Or continue to plot (without success) how to get into the giant container of candy that sits to their other side.

Q: Did you post any details about your new home and I just never found it? And if you didn't, would you? And what about pictures? We just saw pictures of your office but what about all the other rooms? You've mentioned a garage and stairs.... And your house is all clean from the party so it's the perfect time to take pictures!

A: Details of our new home: It's a town home.  It's four floors which means three flights of stairs, so that's awesome.  It's three bedrooms, three full bathrooms with the fourth floor being half bonus room (the library) and half rooftop deck.  I love it.  It's entirely too big for just Ryan and me.  There is a solution to that problem but Ryan refuses to listen to common sense.  Yesterday I showed you the fourth floor in pictures.  Today I'll show you another floor.  No being judgy, I still have TONS to do.

The Kitchen.  Ryan hung the pot rack himself.  He is very proud of it.  I have suspicions that it might fall in the middle of the night sometime and scare the hell out of us.

Another view of the kitchen.

The other side of the kitchen or as I like to call it "the drinking room."

A closer view of my liquor.  

Where we spend 90% of our time.  Anyone spot the puppy?

The brown chair is Ryan's grown up Love Sac (anyone remember that thing?) It's even the same color.  He likes it because it swivels.

The other side of the room.  Excuse the cords.  I hate them.  Ryan hates my scary blue head.

The dangerous stairs.  There are so many of them.  They suck to clean.  They hurt to fall down.
Q: I gave you those cupcake bookmarks from the last post(: Also, the family stories that come to mind are not of you getting hurt but rather dung beetles and fix-it shops. I'm sure you'll have to explain this comment--you're welcome. 

A: Thanks NICKY.  Some sister you are.  What my dear sister is referencing in this comment are two of the many many songs I made up as a child.  The Fix-It Shop one had a dance that went along with it.  The dung beetle one came about after my dad made up watch a disgusting documentary about Dung Beetles as a family.  To the tune of "Go Go Go Joseph" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat it went: (Oh God I hate this)

Go Go Go Dungie, You Know What They Say
You'll Get Your Name Changed Maybe Some Day.
Come On Now Dungie, Now Don't Be Ashamed
You And Your Poo Balls Will Go Down In Fame.

Q: How did you learn how to cook? 

A: Both my mom and her mom can cook up a storm in the kitchen so I grew up around some pretty crazy kitchen skills but at the same time I'm sort of self-taught.  It's just practice.  I like to take on really difficult recipes to challenge myself when I have the time.  At first they didn't always turn out like they should but over time I've gotten better.  Now I'm starting to make up my own recipes.  

Q: What do you think is your best and worst character trait? 

A: People that know me in real life please contradict me if I'm wrong on this.  Best: I'm really generous.    My husband would say generous to a fault.  I go a little overboard with gift giving.  Worst: I'm really easily aggravated at times and can get impatient and abrasive.  If I'm in one of my moods I get upset about something as mundane as how Ryan is sitting in his chair.  I'm working on it.  I also tend to be sort of self-deprecating in person.

Q: What is the best compliment you've ever gotten on your writing? 

A: This is a tough one.  I love so many of the things people have said to me or commented in the last year or so.  Someone told me once though that they liked my blog better than The Bloggess' and I was like 'Ok you are crazy, but I will take that compliment and stick it in my back pocket and carry it with me forever and ever."

Q: Mints or gum? 

A: Mints I guess.  I almost never chew gum.  I'm bad at it.  I choke a lot.

Q: What do you miss least about your accounting job? 

A: Meetings.  Oh My Lord I hate meetings.  This one comes especially to mind.

Q: If you had to be followed around by a band of musicians playing mariachi or polka, which would you pick? 

A: Mariachi I guess?  Although really neither.  I would LOVE though to be followed around by a band that only played Disney music.  I am such a child.

Q: What is your least favorite fairytale? 

A: Not a big fan of Sleeping Beauty or Hansel and Gretel.  I mean in one a young girl is sexually assaulted by a man she does not know while she is in some sort of comatose state.  And then she wakes up and is like "The fact that I know absolutely nothing about you has not stopped me from falling in love with you and totally wanting to marry you."  And in the other a witch cages two young children so she can fatten them up before she puts them in the oven and cooks them for her dinner.  Umm What?

Q: (to the tune of how much wood coukd a wood chuck chuck) How much cheese could 90 y.o. Lauren consume if a 90 y.o. Lauren has no teeth?

A: Lots and lots of cheese.  My favorite cheese, goat cheese, is very soft so it would be totally the correct thing to eat if I had no teeth.

Q: Does Ryan love his job, or is he dreaming a similar deal for next year? 

A: Ryan is quite content with his job.  He trades for himself in his spare time for fun so trading for a profession is pretty much perfect for him. 

Q: Would you and Ryan ever move away from Chicago?

A: We consider the idea of moving to a suburb of Chicago whenever we decide to start a family but that's about it.  And we're considering that less and less now that we have a place we absolutely love with room for babies.

Q: At the end of the year, what does success look like? A million blogstalkers? A book? A featured writer on online media? I sound all official and stuff! 

A: We don't really have any rules for what determines if this year has been successful.  A book would be perfectly lovely though kind of a long shot.  A million Blogstalkers would be fantastic!  I'd probably have to stop responding to comments....

Q: Do you read Jen Lancaster's books and blog? She is super funny and also a chicagoian (is that a word?!) 

A: I have read some of her books and have been sort of on the fence deciding if I liked them or not.  I'm not sure why?  I don't read her blog but I probably should at least check it out.  Like a thousand people have told me to hurry up and read it already!  (Oh and it's Chicagoan, so yep totally a word.)

Q: Red or white? Laces or Velcro? TP roll over the top or under the bottom?

A: Definitely white, laces and over the top.  The under the bottom hanging method totally makes me shudder.

Q: Your wedding shoes are amazing - seriously gorgeous Valentino peeptoe pumps!!!! I love that you have a special wedding picture taken of them. Have you worn them since your wedding? 

A: Thanks! I'm still in love with them.  We have conversations in the closet in the morning.  I wear them quite a bit actually, whenever we have a wedding or company Christmas Party or something.  The reason I decided on black shoes in the first place was so I would definitely be able to wear them again.  White shoes and I do not agree as I tend to completely destroy them in one wearing.  And I actually had about twelve special wedding pictures taken of them.  On my wedding day I was all "Stop looking at me and refocus your attention where it belongs, on my shoes!"

Q: What made you choose to major in accounting? 

A: I made a fiscally responsible decision.  I knew I was going to be drowning in student loans when I graduated so I majored in the two subjects (Accounting and Economics) that had the best "Percent of Graduates That Find A Job Out Of College."

Q: When you start having kids, how many do you ideally want?

A: Ryan and I are both from big families and we liked growing up in big families.  So we're thinking probably four kids.  Which is why we should get started already RYAN. 

Q: Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? 

A: I'm completely an introvert until I've known you for a while and then I am all "Oh hey! Nice to see you again!  Check out this picture I took of the bruise on my butt!"

Q: What does Ryan think about the success of your blog thus far?

A: I don't think he thinks about the blog in general a great deal.  I think he likes to pretend that it doesn't exist and that he's not married to a woman that plasters details of his life on the internets for all to see and judge.  I've said before that he doesn't even read the blog most of the time and I've meant it.  

Q: What's your favorite Scentsy scent?

A: Oh definitely definitely "Honey Do."  It reminds me so much of how Tennessee smells in the summer when all of the Honeysuckle is blooming. 

Q: Who is your favorite smurf?

A: Probably Marco Smurf because of his jaunty hat and his British accent but I do love that Brainy Smurf archives his brilliance in his "Quotations From Brainy Smurf" books.

Q: What is your favorite Pixar movie?

A: Probably Wall-E though I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for A Bug's Life since I watched it with my little brother about a thousand times when he was growing up.

Q: 1) If you had a spirit animal, what would you want it to be? Why? 2) If you could tun into any animal at will, what would you want to turn into? Why? 3) What would Ryan's answers be for the previous two questions? Why?

A:  Ryan and I have discussed this at length as we are both big Harry Potter fans and have given much thought to what we think our Patronuses would be.  So for me definitely a fox.  Ryan's spirit animal changes with the season and his mood but it is always something he considers "noble and majestic, like me."  If we could turn into an animal at will I'd probably wait to see what Ryan turned into and then turn into the same thing.  Because like, what if I turned into a pony and then Ryan turned into a bird so he could fly far far away from me?  That would be terrible.  If he's a bird I'm a bird and I can chase him all over the blue skies.

Q: You're stuck on a desert island with one book, one food, one celebrity and one CD...what are they? And do you love Pequod's Pizza? I'm totally jealous that you live in Chi and can eat it whenever you want. I have to fly on a plane to get it and that makes me sad.

A: I Love this question!  Book: Gone With The Wind because it's the longest of my favorite books and doesn't have any monsters or wild jungle savages or other things that would terrify me on a desert island in it.  Food: Chicken Quesadillas because they contain my favorite food, cheese, as well as chicken for some protein.  Then I could just eat some island berries for fiber and shit and call it a day.  Celebrity: Justin Timberlake and I would totally go all Swiss Family Robinson on that desert island and have one million babies and an awesome tree house. CD: The Best Of Disney.  As far as Pequod's goes, I ......have never had it.  Ryan ate it recently at a Bachelor Party though and said it was awesome. I'm just not a big pizza person.  I don't understand ruining a good cheese with all that sauce and bread.

Q: Why did you want to start blogging?

A: I was planning my wedding and was stressed the eff out.  I've always written journals and short stories as a way to relieve my anxiety so I started writing a wedding blog to do the same.  And then I loved doing it so after I got married I started this blog. 

Q: Hey Lauren, What are you wearing?

A: Crap.  I got really cold in the middle of the night last night and in a sleepy stupor just put on whatever I found in my drawers first.  So over a perfectly normal pair of pajama shorts and a tank top I am wearing a pair of lime green Hammer pants that I bought for two dollars to bother Ryan and a hooters sweatshirt.  Oh and socks with candy canes on them.  I could change but honestly I'm really comfortable and I'm home alone so I'm going with it.  It was a bit awkward letting the dogs out this morning and then seeing my across-the-street-neighbor outside on her patio drinking coffee.

Q: OMG: I have a 2 1/2 inch positive ape index. What other animal quality do you have?

A: Haha welcome to the long arm club Blogstalker.  We get together on Wednesdays and easily reach things on the top shelf of cabinets together.  I just G-chatted Ryan to ask him what animal I am like for the second half of your question and he said "Wild Banshee."  So there's that.

Q: What's your daily routine, now that you're a *professional blogger*? Do you try to stick to a schedule?

A: I try to get up around eight and get dressed for the day.  Then I do some house chores until around eleven.  Then I work on the blog a bit.  Around two or three I take a one hour break to maybe eat lunch or maybe read or maybe make up a dance routine to "The Sign."  Then a bit more blogging or writing while I watch Jeopardy.  Then I start dinner.  Sometimes I run errands instead of doing chores.  Pretty pretty boring.  I'm in love with it.

Q: Is your house in an apartment building or is it detached?? I always wonder about stuff like that in big cities! 

A: Our last place was in a big condo building and this time we wanted to veer away from that a bit so we chose a place with an actual front door to the outside.

Q: Scenario: Your bf's (or in your case, husband's) friend is going to interview your favorite band in the whole world (or JT). The friends tells the bf that he would be willing to ask questions on your behalf. Then the bf neglects to tell you this until 15 min before the interview. What would you ask and how would you appropriately punish the bf?

A: I would have him ask "If you and my best friend's wife Lauren were the last two people on earth would you make out with her?  What about if you were the only two people on a desert island?  What about if she were here right now hiding in the closet and listening to this interview?  You don't have to worry about her husband getting angry because she has recently killed him."

Q: What fictional characters does Ryan compare you to?

A: When I was working as an accountant Ryan just compared me to every single accounting character on tv.  So I was simultaneously in his eyes, exactly like both Angela and Kevin on The Office.  He also sometimes calls me Loony (like Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter.)

Q: Are you considering becoming one of those extreme coupon people?

A: I would but I don't have anywhere to store ninety tubes of toothpaste and a bushel basket of ramen noodles.  

Q: Since this is going to be your first Christmas in your new spacious place, how many trees to you plan to put up? You seem to be on my Christmas wavelength- I'm trying to gauge just how insane it is that we put up 4 trees last year... 

A: I'm planning on at least two (one in the library and one on the main floor) perhaps three (maybe in the foyer).  I would have more but Ryan says "Bedroom Trees" aren't a thing.  

Q: Where did you get your liquor cabinet thingie?  I love it.

A: It's from Room and Board, the Whitney Collection I think. 

Q: Do you have a yard to go with your town house?

A: Yep!  And it is the exact same size as a postage stamp!

Q: Due to your vivid night terrors: do you have to be mindful of what genre you read or possibly just time it so you don't read to close to bedtime to help prevent the night terrors?

A: Actually books almost never influence my dreams or night terrors.  Movies and TV do though.  Which is why I basically don't watch any movies that are not chick flicks.  

Q: If you have to pick your favorite Harry Potter book which would it be and why?

A: I love Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire as a book because I think the tournament is so exciting and like that the whole Ron & Hermione relationship thing sort of starts to come to a head.  As a movie though I always get sad when there is no Quidditch.

Q: What sort of decorating changes are thinking of making to the two levels you've shown us already?  

A: Art, art and more art.  The bare walls are driving me bonkers.  The animal prints I showed you yesterday will be over the buffet in the kitchen soon and the Alice prints from my office are getting framed and hung as well.  I also have a gigantic mirror that I just found that I'm trying to persuade Ryan to hang over the long side of the couch.  There are some major changes I'd like to make to the kitchen cabinets but for now I think I'm going to satisfy myself with changing out the knobs with some pretty ones from Anthropologie.

Q: What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview and how would you answer it?

A: I can't think of any interview questions that I would want to be asked that you all haven't already asked in the last two days but I do sometimes wish that someone would stop me on the street and say if you can label every country on a map of the world I will give you one million dollars.  Because I can totally do that.  Because my dad and I are very competitive about who knows more world geography.  He probably still wins.  Because I am crap at rivers.

Q: Besides being an accountant and obviously great writer, what other jobs have you had?

A: First, Thanks!  My jobs in order are as follows: 1. Volunteer at library, I quit because I was a volunteer and yet they still made me do things like clean out the fridge in the staff kitchen.  I just wanted to shelve some books people!  2. Hardware store cashier then floor salesperson, I quit this one when I went away to school.  3. Banana Republic salesperson.  4. Campus Card Office staff.  I got to take everyone's Student ID picture at this job.  If it was someone I knew sometimes I took the picture one second before they were ready resulting in hilarity.  I also retook my own picture any day that I was feeling fabulous.  

Q: Now that I'm living on campus I get to discover the joys of the college dining hall. I'm excitedly waiting for Cheesey Friday when both the dining halls on my campus serve cheese based foods. What were your favorite and least favorite meals to eat when you went to school?

A: At the first dorm I lived in freshman year (I moved across campus halfway through the year because of how my roommate was crazy) there was a Quesadilla station.  They could make you a quesadilla any way you desired.  SO GOOD.  I actually consider going back there to eat sometimes, ten years later.  Least favorite was the sushi.  I was poor and good sushi was expensive so sometimes I'd just eat the crap in the dining halls.  I always regretted it.  The second dorm I lived in, I made good friends with a lunch lady and every night at 1145 before the dining hall closed I'd go down and she'd give me like thirty chicken fingers and a bunch of tater tots that would otherwise be thrown away.  We called it "Cinderella Hour."  

Q: Your blog is wonderful and very enjoyable to read! I know you read Harry Potter, which is amazing, what other books do you love to read? 

A: Thanks!  The books I reread are: Gone With The Wind, Anne of Green Gables, Little House On The Prarie, Lonesome Dove and everything Jane Austen.

Q:  I am having my annual Halloween/Birthday Party on October 20th (and I'm 30 this year!), would you please come? You can bring Ryan if you have to.

A: I totally would but Ryan's 29th Bday party is literally the exact same night.  Come to think of it though, it's not MY 29th birthday party so I probably don't have to be there right?

Q: Cheers from Oregon! My question is who would play you and Ryan in a movie version of your life?

A: I would totally pick Natalie Portman to play me because someone told me a long time ago that I look like her and it was, although not remotely true, the greatest compliment of all time.  OHMYGOSH scratch what I just wrote.  I would pick me to play me and I would pick Justin Timberlake to play Ryan and then in the wedding scene I would not tell Justin but I would have a secret deal with the person marrying us where they had to really marry us and then I would have one of my friends pretend to be an adoring fan asking for a autograph to get Justin to sign the marriage license.  Boom.

Oh never mind, I take it back.  I totally look exactly like this.
Q: What book or series of books got you hooked on reading in the first place? What was it about that story that made you want to keep reading? 

A: Little House On The Prarie for sure.  I was the same age as Laura in the first book when I started reading them and just connected almost instantly.  I still go back and read the series from time to time.  

Q: What is the most disappointed, angry or frustrated you have ever been with a book to movie adaptation?

A: Most recently The Hunger Games let me down.  I loved the casting, I just think some of the scenes, especially with the mutations could have been portrayed a little more accurately.  And the most recent adaptation of Pride and Prejudice has some obvious holes, but that doesn't stop me from watching it like a million times.

Q: Snowmen or gingerbread men?  Or penguins?

A: All of the above.  I love the winter so I love a good snowman.  And I love making gingerbread men at Christmas time.  And penguins are never not awesome.  

Q: I have to ask, where did you get the three silver magic mushrooms on your desk?  I can't stop thinking about them, I need them! My home will not be complete without them!  I haven't been able to find anything quite the same on the web. 

A: I got them from West Elm but it was quite a while ago and they were on clearance then.  I just checked the website too and I couldn't find them.  Sorry!

Q: Do you watch Cartoon Network? If so what's your favorite show(s)? If not you totally should.  Have you read much Anne Rice or E. Lynn Harris or Toni Morrison?  Have you heard of Hollywood Heights (it's totally based on a telenovela and I'm obsessed with it.) And do you feel totally lucky to have this next year to explore and grow?

A: I do not watch the Cartoon Network, I've never been much of a cartoon person (except for Disney stuff of course.)  I'll probably get lambasted for saying this but I HATE Family Guy.  It actually makes me angry because I hate it so much.  I don't even know why.  I've not read Anne Rice or E. Lynn Harris, but Interview With A Vampire is in my pile of books to read.  I've read both Beloved and The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and liked them both.  I have never heard of this Hollywood Heights thing, but I am going to look it up as soon as I'm done typing this.  And finally, yes, lucky and grateful and so so lucky.  

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