Just A Day, Just An Ordinary Day, Just Trying To Get By.

It's the second most wonderful time of the year Blogstalkers!

The first being my birthday week because Ryan during that week sometimes consents to things like dance-offs and contests to see who can fit more marshmallows in their mouth.  And he doesn't even get that angry when I change his outgoing voicemail message to "You have reached Ryan Gallagher.  I have a respiratory infection which is why my voice sounds like a woman's voice right now.  This week is my wife's birthday week so forgive me if I do not return your call with all the posthasteness in the world.  If you leave a message please wish her Many Happy Returns.  A-Wop-Bop-A-Loo-Mop-A-Wop-Bam-Boom."

But anyway, if you've been reading this blog for a while or if you've ventured back into the archives (and the lord have mercy on your soul) then you know that I'm sort of a Christmas freak.  Christmas season for me starts November 1st.  I know this is crazy and that I should wait until the day after Thanksgiving like most normal people but Christmas is one of the very few things that actually makes my depression recede entirely and so over the years I've started celebrating earlier and earlier (I promise never earlier than November.)  I think I truly enjoy the buildup of the season more than the actual day.  The pervasive feeling of goodwill and the music and the quiet jingling of the bells I place on my dogs' collars all work to truly uplift my spirit.  And so I ask you to forgive me if I sneak a Christmas tidbit or two into some of my posts starting today.  I will truly try very hard to keep in on the down low until the end of the month.

With that said, I get a lot of questions about what I do on a typical day, so here is a brief transcript of my morning.

6AM - Lauren pops out of bed! (Because one of her small dogs is whining at the front door) She lets the dogs outside and hops around on the porch in her bare feet while eating a Charleston Chew that was leftover from trick or treaters.  She then pops her butt right back into bed and rests her feet on the small of Ryan's back.  Ryan turns over and bops Lauren on the top of her head and says "Snooze," at which point Lauren respectfully moves her feet.

630AM - Ryan slithers out of bed and goes to the bathroom where he brushes his teeth and then blows his nose so loudly that I get a call from our neighbor who is concerned that someone is in our home murdering a goose.

635AM - Ryan informs Lauren that pretending to be on the phone with one's neighbor outside of the bathroom door and saying things like "I agree Mrs. Takamura, it does sound like he needs to see a doctor,"  and "The suggestion you have just made that perhaps raking the front lawn and getting some good clean air up into his sinus cavity would help the situation is entirely plausible and I will pass it on," is "played-out."

636AM - Lauren is like, "Darling I have no idea what you are talking about, now if you'll excuse me Mrs. Takamura has invited me over for porridge."  Stomps downstairs and makes big show of opening and closing the front door, shouting "Have a good day! Let me know what you feel like for dinner!"

642AM - Ryan finds Lauren hiding in the garage, giggling, eating a Charleston Chew and asks her if she can make Chickpea and Lamb Chili for dinner.  She agrees.

Sidenote: I realized after writing this post that I switched tenses at this point.  I'm too lazy to change things, so I'm going with it.

645AM - Ryan leaves for work.  I go back to bed until 8AM, and watch The Today Show on my iPad.

8AM - Time for breakfast!  Homemade Pumpkin Cheesecake Tart with Homemade Whipped Cream, Leftover Halloween Candy and one serving of Chocolate Chip Filled Plastic Cauldrons.  All washed down by Diet Coke, because I am on a special eating regime.  At this rate I will definitely fit into my Mrs. Claus suit in time for the holidays. 

I obviously only read Self for the prizes.
900AM - Time to be a good little housewife.  I finish cleaning up the kitchen from dinner last night and throw in a load of laundry.  Then I get an organizing bug and go through all of Ryan's and my clothes, deciding what can be donated.  Then I redivide what is left between the dresser and the closet while singing Irreplaceable by Beyonce.

"Everything you own in a box to the left.  In the closet, that's my stuff"

1015AM - I am momentarily sidetracked from cleaning when I discover A KILT in the depths of Ryan's pants drawer.  I remember learning at Epcot that different family clans have distinct patterns of tartan so I quickly Google the Gallagher family pattern and sure enough, it matches the kilt.  I call Ryan.

Ryan: Oh good, I was afraid you weren't going to call today.

Lauren: Keep your no-good cake-hating mouth shut.  How did you never tell me that we have a family plaid pattern?

Ryan: I don't know, didn't seem important.  Where is this even coming from?

Lauren: I have chanced upon your man skirt.

Ryan: Oh yeah, my kilt.  I got that in high school.  I completely forgot about that thing.

Lauren: I'm ordering myself a matching skirt.  And to think that I woke up this morning not knowing what we were going to do for our holiday cards this year.

Ryan: No can do.  I promised OJ he and I would send out cards together this year.

Lauren: Pffft.  Not happening.  What were you even going to do?  Wear the same lame sweater and pretend to be napping together and caption it "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen?"

Ryan: Do you have anything of value to say or can I get back to work now?

Lauren: You can get back to work now.  But I'm still upset about this plaid thing.  Do you know how many times in days past that I have wished I had a signature pattern?

Ryan: Chickpea and Lamb Chili.  Talk to you later.

Lauren: Hasta La Vista Baby, I'll call back.

Ryan: Please don't.

I'm going to be wearing an awful lot of this in the years to come.

1045AM - Receive email from Ryan that says "Happy November 1st, I have found myself a new way to get through this season, Whiskey Advent Calendar." (Credit Here.)   

"Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake."--W.C. Fields.

1100AM - I get back to cleaning.  I vacuum all of the carpet and sweep the stairs and make a grocery list for dinner tonight.

1200PM - I take the dogs on a walk.  I get really excited that I can see my own breath outside and burst spontaneously into song "Feliz Navidad Key Largo, Monteeeeeego!"

Inner Monologue: AHHHH WHAT!? That is not even close to right!  Did anyone hear that?  Shit.  That mailman is looking at me all suspiciously.  Say something to make this better.  Well that was the stupidest thing you've ever said to mailman.  Just run.

1230: Change the laundry, answer some emails, and start writing this post while talking to Ryan and Vanessa via gChat and OJ via text.  I take breaks for more laundry and to shower/change.


400PM - I finally post.  And now you all know what a typical day for me looks like, except for the chores change daily and sometimes I think about going on a bike ride.

Do you have a routine Blogstalkers?

P.S. If you follow me on FB, then you know that I'm sending out holiday cards to anyone who wants them this year, as a sort of "Thanks For Reading You Are Awesome!" All you have to do is send me your address to LaurenRaeGallagher@gmail.com.  Ryan and OJ and I have come to a consensus this afternoon and I promise you they will be ridiculous and signed by all three of us.  Lovely.  I now promise to cool it on the Christmas junk at least for a couple of weeks.


  1. MORE CHRISTMAS IS ESSENTIAL!!!!! Well Starting November 4, gotta wait till the day after my birthday to jump into it. Shhhh don't tell my boyfriend, he HATES people who decorate for Christmas early. :'( Ehhh he'll get over it with time, and aversion therapy in which he must suffer through Christmas coming early :D

  2. Christmas is by FAR the most spectacular time of year!!! I have somehow convinced my adoring husband to bring all of the decorations down today (and put all the Halloween ones away), even though he insists that it's bad luck to decorate fro Christmas before the day AFTER Thanksgiving. I insist that its bad luck to withold JOY from our household.

  3. Lauren, let your Christmas freak flag fly. I'm out and proud; I posted on FB this morning that the holidays have officially begun and everyone likes that status, so you're good to go.

    Let me just say that while I'm madly in love with my husband, I will lose my shizz if you I get a Christmas card from you guys AND the dashing OJ. I'm pretty damn excited right now. I ordered our Christmas cards last night and they proudly feature my family dorking out on Segways in Chicago. I think you'll like it.

    My routine is something like this:
    7am: Alarm goes off and I hit snooze eleventy-billion times
    7:40am: I open one eye, look at the clock, flip out and race to the shower
    8:15am: Jump in the car, wait in a crazy long line to get my iced coffee and sing Christmas carols to entertain myself
    8:35am: Roll into the office 5 minutes late (I'm punctual for everything in my life except work), sit and chat with my team and catch up on my celeb gossip
    11am: Start thinking about lunch, curse myself for not packing a lunch and try to convince everyone in my office to order out
    12pm: Get mad at everyone in my office for having the foresight to pack a lunch and stomp over to Panera for a bagel (and a brownie, obvs)
    2pm: Blah blah blah, conference call, blah blah...ooh, candy!
    3pm: Pinterest, work, Pinterest, work
    4-5:30pm: Is it 5:30 yet? No. Is it 5:30 yet? No. Is it 5:30? YES. Peace out!
    6pm: Spin class, sweat, cry, hobble to the car
    7-8pm: Shower, Wheel of Fortune, dominate Rob at Jeopardy

    Afte that, it's a blur of books, cheese and falling asleep on the couch. Unless it's a night that New Girl, Glee, The Office or Parks and Rec is on and if so, no one should bother me or I will cut them.

  4. You inspired me to look up my plaid. The Kellys and the Gallaghers totally coordinate. If Ryan ditches you to do a holiday card with OJ, you and I can order coordinating kilts and send out a card together. That won't confuse our families AT ALL. Also, Vanessa Carlton called. She wants to thank you for making her relevant again.

  5. I adore Christmas and the entire season, and I'm converting to Judaism! I refuse to give it up though. 2 holidays for me!

    1. You do not have to give it up! I was raised in a Jewish/Christian household, and though both my fiance and I are Jewish, we totally celebrate both. The more holidays, the merrier!

  6. ALSO! If I get that whiskey Advent calendar for Rob, I will surely be rewarded with jewelry in little blue boxes. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. I'm pretty certain that I will be buying my husband that advent calendar. Why should kids get all the cool things?

    Now that I don't work retail, I love Christmas.

  8. You let that Christmas spirit flow!! I just did a blog post a few days ago on it because I too love the holiday decor. I do decorate for Thanksgiving starting today, and then jump out of bed the day after Turkey Day to deck my halls with all kinds of Christmas wonderful, but I totally understand the need for red/green!

    My daily routine is pretty similar, except because Brian and I both work from home (yeah, not sure how long that will be a good idea) I get to sleep in and wake up to him trying to snuggle me, to which I always reply, "NO! More sleep!" He comes back an hour later and says, "Seriously, get out of bed. You have to actually WORK from home."

    Then I go and do my blog, check my email, do magazine work and drink my coffee. I then play with my animals, do some laundry, and plan dinner, etc. Basic combo of housewife/work-from-home stuff. I love it though. I have never felt more myself or happier in my life.

    So excited for the holiday cards!!

  9. Paige Hudson Garcia11/01/2012

    This post requires some unashamed stealing from Sara H - we lead parallel lives, honey!
    Just make the following substitutions:
    Iced coffee - capuccino
    Christmas carols - "Call Me Maybe" (every. single. time. - until I get bored with it)
    Pinterest - Facebook
    Spin class - Insanity
    *Any of the tv shows - Big Bang Theory
    THERE! Not as creative but a huge time saver and since it is almost Insanity-hobbling-cheese-eating time.....well, you know.....
    SO THANK YOU, Sara H! (I notice that we both love our husbands enough to not mention any of that schedule being filled up with grinning at pictures of OJ, NOT that we really do that.....;-D)

    1. Paige, you're too funny. I love that we have so much in common, which obviously means we're both completely awesome.
      Everyone I know lately is talking about the Insanity workout, do you love it?? I should give it a try.

  10. Whoa whoa WHOA there! Starting your Christmas on November first means you're missing out on the BEST part of the Halloween season: Halloween clearance!! Where else are you going to get a cookie pan that makes bone shaped cookies or a flask with a skull and crossbones that says "poison" on it (Okay both of these are at Target... I haven't shopped anywhere else yet)? These are year-round essentials! How else can you pull out your flask and ask someone, "what's yer poison?"

  11. Laurie H11/01/2012

    You mentioned in your reply to my comment the other day that you change song lyrics. I also do that. We were standing in line for the train at Disneyland recently and I sang "Casey Junior's coming down the track with a smoky stack bringing sexy back"....thought you would like the JT reference. My husband pointed out he was pretty sure that is not how the song goes. My husband talks too much.

    Now on to Christmas: never too early. I get so excited when I walk into Costco or Sam's Club and they have the Christmas stuff out ridiculously early.

    Routine: Up at 4:30 (even on weekends. not much of a sleeper)

    4:45 resentful I am only one up, make noise til husband wakes up then sweetly ask "what are you doing up so early"

    5:00 Shower, makeup, hair etc.

    6:50 leave for work (I carpool w/husband) spend next 20 minutes convincing him to stop for breakfast, usually successfully.

    7:15 arrive at work, get alot done til people show up and interrupt me all day long.
    Countdown to lunch, wonder if 10:00 is too early for lunch, decide it is not so eat food I brought for lunch.

    2:00 try to convince employees to go out and get me food because I ate too early, unsuccessfully. Decide I make bad hiring decisions as no minions will do my bidding. Call husband, try to get him to bring me lunch, unsuccessfully.

    Work, work, work,

    4:00 Head for home

    5:00 make dinner, eat, clean up, remove husband's pile of socks from underneath coffee table that he is convinced doubles as dirty sock storage (I am including as routine because it happens EVERY night!)

    7:00 to 8:30 get daughter ready for bed, catch up on my DVR list, take sleeping pill with a glass of wine* (I call it a Judy Garland) fall asleep at 10:30, wake up 6 hours later and do it all over. *Glad I woke up because you should NEVER mix sleeping pills and wine. Don't try this at home people.

  12. the beach boys made me think of when Stephanie Tanner won tickets to see them on Full House....I am aging my self.

  13. Today I shrink wrapped my windows and told everyone I insulated my whole house. After that I had Halloween candy and retread the dresden files as a reward

  14. I love the conversations you have...lol. I say go for the kilt...OJ can wear one too. I am also looking into getting the whiskey advent calendar for my hubby...he is gonna love it!!!

  15. As resident Scottish blogstalker I am pleased to see you showing an interest in matching family kiltage. That can only be good for the businesses of Lanarkshire (or somewhere equally milly and knitty in the Borders of Scotland), and is a very charming look for a family Christmas card.

    My only request is that the Gallagher family plaid shall be henceforth be referred to as the Gallagher family tartan, for a plaid in Scotland (or Ireland) is not the pattern, but the style of a kilt that goes over your shoulder.

    I tried to resist writing this pernickety (is that a word for you?) message, but I simply could not.

    1. Duly noted. The Kelly Family Tartan is rather lovely. My husband is only a quarter Irish... And I'm like... 1/32 Irish...And yet... Since we've got the name, I'm considering us in the club. Wahoo! (Don't tell Ireland, but I think Scotland has a cooler accent.)

    2. I won't tell Ireland (they wouldn't understand me anyway). Let's say you got the name from the Scottish town of Kelly, near Arbroath, which itself is, like, 20 miles away from where I was born in Dundee (and raised, in Forfar). That is a perfectly plausible possibility. I think I can count you now in the Scottish club. Ireland has plenty of Americans in their club already. We need a few more!

  16. I change song lyrics too but its mostly because I'm singing my 3 month old to sleep and I have to tell my 8 or 6 year old to be quiet. So it goes something like 'rock a bye baby please be quiet. shut your little mouths before I do it.' Haha!

    I'd post my routine but with the boys there's just entirely too much going on!

  17. You should consider moving to Canada... Thanksgiving is in October, starting the Christmas season November 1st = totally acceptable!!

    1. OMG! If I didn't hate being cold with the burning passion of a thousand suns, I would move to Canada for this very reason! Awesome!!!

    2. Actually, been movement to not start decorating for Christmas until November 12th, as a how of respect for Nov 11th ( Remembrance Day, our version of Veterans Day). Which when I first heard, thought " What the WHAT?" but quickly warmed to the idea, if only so the kiddies keep their focus on Remembrance Day for a couple weeks - then still have six weeks to enjoy Christmas buildup.

  18. My routine: Coffee, Work, Wine.
    What? I am very uncomplicated :)

  19. Firstly: You did not change tenses. You changed person, from 3rd to 1st.

    Secondly: Thanks to your shameless adoration of the Christmas season (which I share wholeheartedly), I'm going to go ahead and decorate my Christmas tree. It's only two months; that's not long!

    Do you get depressed after Christmas ends? I do. Last year I cried about it several times. It was February and I was all pissed off at Valentine's Day for not being Christmas.

    -Kristen Mae

  20. Ok. First. You can watch the Today show on iPad?! What? Cool.
    More importantly, your day involves a great deal more cleaning than mine. And blogging. I have a wee person and he keeps me from being super productive during the day. (This is true only if productivity is measured in cleanliness. If it is measured in mom type behavior like diapers and cleaning up spit up and doing tummy time, I'm way productive. And have dirty-ish floors.)

  21. The question I have remaining after reading this post: Do you tie bells to your sneakers? It is by far one of my favourite things to do during the Christmas season. It is just so festive, to jingle everywhere you go!!

  22. my day starts at 4:50am... okay I hit the snooze for a bit but jump out of bed by 5:15 because oh shit I am running late... jump in shower get dressed... get 19m old out of bed which is a struggle lately becaue he just wants to stay in his crib... get him ready get my lunch ready. fight little man to get on his jacket and gloves but he HAS to do everything himself so it takes forever... out the door at 6:10am, drop man off at babysitters and at my desk at 6:30am... good thing I live close... 9 hour work day sometimes 10 since we are on overtime.. try to fit in a workout on lunchtime,home a little after 4, husband is home with kid and we decide what to do for dinner.. usually it's something quick and easy. a little playtime with little man, get ready for the next day. set out kid clothes, pick up house a bit, stare at the kitchen that isn't a kitchen because we are remodeling. sometime little man has swim class otherwise it's get ready for bed and him and husband go to bed at 7pm, husband gets up at 3am for work. Then I have a little time to watch a dvr show and since I'm 4 months pregnant and not feeling too well and tired all the time I usually hit the hay by 8:30ish... end of day... rinse repeat.

  23. Veronica11/02/2012

    Haha, I was just telling my boyfriend today that I need a Christmas tree the day after thanksgiving since he won't let me have one earlier. I will have zero problems with you talking about Christmas early. Christmas season is the best.

  24. My workday goes something like this:

    7:45 arrive at work with wet hair tied up in a low bun on the back of my neck and wrinkled pants and some sort of knit shirt that doesn’t require ironing. I try to arrive before everyone else so that I don’t have to say good morning to anyone until after I’ve had my coffee. ((I consider myself a morning person, but it requires a generous dose of coffee before I am in the mood to utter words other than “What?” and “Dammit.”)) I have been yelled at by previous bosses for being “unfriendly” in the mornings and not saying the obligatory GOOD MORNING in cheery tones before beginning my day, but it has not changed me. I am incorrigible.

    7:46am – pour myself a cup of coffee and curse the fact that the receptionist, despite my pleads, insists on buying the store-brand of hazelnut creamer which is mostly sugar with a syrupy aftertaste. I drink it anyway.

    7:48am – login to my computer. Type my password, which is the required combination of letters and numbers, and forget that my num lock key is not engaged. I do this every day (type my password twice). Once with no numbers because the numbers I type are not recognized, and once with the numbers included after pushing the all-important num lock key.

    7:52am – my computer finally warms up enough to let me click on an icon to see my email. It will still take 4 minutes for my email to load, but I understand being slow in the morning, so I take this time to shuffle the piles of paper on my desk and count how many times the voicemail light blinks, while psychically trying to discover who called me without picking up the handset.

    7:58am – open my email. 63 new emails. I can tell without reading these emails that they will be stupid questions. That motto that teachers share with you in school, there is no such thing as a stupid question? I take issue with that stance. There are many many stupid questions. I see them every day.

    7:59am – note who the new emails are from. Four are from Steve. I can’t stand Steve, and I know that all of the emails from him will be (a)pointing out one of my shortcomings as a Director of HR and (b) cc:ing The Boss.

  25. Continued:

    8:00am – decide to start with the first email and work my way down.
    “Miss Joni. I know today is the payroll deadline and [even though I’m a manager and have been doing this for four years] I have forgotten my username and password. Can you please reset it for me?”

    Email number two:
    “Did you get my payroll I submitted yesterday?
    Sent from my Verizon wireless blackberry”

    “I don’t know who you are.”

    Email three:
    “I am having problems logging in to pay myself. Can you please call my wife and walk her through it?”
    Me: “What is your phone number and what is your name?”

    Email four:
    “[I know I ask you this every single payroll and your answer is always no, but] my ex wife is a crazy woman and I don’t need to pay her child support. I need that deleted from my payroll. Can you do that?”
    Me: “No, I can’t [for the 97th time].”

    My boss comes into my office. What are you doing, he asks. I roll my eyes and finish my coffee. Are you busy, he asks. Not too busy for you, what do you have? I say sarcastically.

    He wants me to sort a spreadsheet that I sent him earlier this week which has absolutely nothing to do with Human Resources, but projects like these are typical for me. I sort it and email it to him.

    Also, he asks, can you get me a hotel room? Where? In Raleigh Durham. Do you have a preference of hotel? No, but it can’t be expensive. And it can’t be a hooker hotel. The last three hotels you reserved for me had street walkers in the parking lot. ((Well, Boss, you are the one who wants a hotel room for under $40.))

    He tells me the name of the hotel and waits while I look up the rates and locations of hotels near the airport. The one he settles on is booked, so he chooses his second favorite. I make the reservation online. This exchange takes fifteen minutes. It would have taken five minutes for him to do it on his own, but if he had done it on his own, he couldn’t blame me when he gets there and the vending machine in the lobby sells amphetamines and hash. I email him the reservation and look at the clock. It’s too early to take a smoke break, so I settle for refilling my coffee.

    9:05am – send a personal email to my Soul Mate in Chicago lamenting the lameness of my job. (This is strictly against the employee guidelines regarding personal internet use that I authored, as well as have read and signed four times so far. I don’t care, and the way I see it, it’s actually therapeutic for me to send her emails during the day. If I didn’t have her to vent to, I would probably show up one day with a black-market sub-machine gun and destroy the artwork and desks in this office. I would spend an entire magazine of my sub-machine gun on the server in the copy room that gives me so many headaches.)

  26. Continued again:

    At 9:08am, I receive a message back from my Soul Mate. She works from her home on a Commune in Central Illinois. She always understands me. And she entertains me with her emails.
    “Sorry to hear you’re having one of THOSE mornings. This morning, Matt (her husband) woke up early to help slaughter geese. Do you know how horrible it is to have bloody geese slaughtered outside my kitchen window?”

    I don’t, but I can imagine it to be horrific. Not SO horrific, however, as the idea that in approximately fifteen minutes, my boss will return to my office with a piece of paper he wants me to fax. He gives me the number to fax it to and I jot it down. He tells me what it is. He tells me who to send it to. The exchange takes 7 minutes, approximately 18 times longer than it would have taken for him to fax it himself. I have tried to explain this to him before, but it is lost on him.

    At 10:30am, I have had a cigarette break and approximately 37 people ask me the exact same question, a question that I have already answered via detailed instructions that were sent out on the 3 consecutive previous days.

    Around noon, I start covering the phones while the receptionist goes to lunch and someone calls me to try to sell me IT Support. I tell them I got it covered. The Boss calls me and tells me that I need to call the copier company as soon as possible and tell them the model and ID number for our copier so they can send us toner. Really? I say. Because I would think if they OWN the copier and they leased it to us, they might have that information. They are updating their records, he says matter-of-factly. I tell him it’s a scam and not to talk to them anymore and he seems skeptical.

    By the time lunch is here, I am ready to escape. I round up my best friend and we drive to the Albanian Mob Owned Italian Place where we eat lunch and complain about office drama and our day.

    1. Do you have a blog? If you don't, you should! By the way, I'm reading a novel/thriller where the Albanian mob figures prominently. I didn't even know that was a thing.

    2. Haha, indeed I have one. I'm not sure you'll find it very entertaining, since I'm not particularly funny on it. It's my name, jonikmartin.com

  27. Sarah Morrison11/02/2012

    Family tartan's are definitely the way to go! And it's so fun to see guys all dressed up - my hubby looks great in his kilt & charlie! And that Whiskey Advent Calendar - awesome. Just wish it wasn't so expensive, but I suppose the expense makes sense. Add to the reminder list...someday...

  28. Will Ryan be getting 2 Advent calendars? One for Nov and one for Dec?

  29. I am SO incredibly jealous of your clan tartan. why did i marry an irishman.

    1. As resident Scottish blog stalker I am making it my mission to get everyone who wants in, in to Scotland club. Look out for my next contribution to this blog for details! There will be an initiation!

  30. Meaghan11/02/2012

    Yes, November 1 means it's Christmas season for me too! In fact, I told my husband it was time to start watching White Christmas weekly and he reminded me that we have two TVs in the house and that I should absolutely watch it in the room he was not in. So I fixed myself hot chocolate with peppermint Kahlua and watched White Christmas and couldn't have been happier.

  31. Anonymous11/02/2012

    I'm in favor of inventing an Advent Whiskey Bottle! It's cheaper and one could just have a shot a day. It's almost the same thing!

    I think for your Christmas card, OJ should dress up as a drunk Santa and Ryan and you as his elves. Or maybe, Ryan and OJ could be Mr. & Mr. Claus and get to be the Mrs. in the middle.

  32. Gah! Now I have "God rest ye merry gentlemen" in my head!

  33. I'm honestly not sure what exactly, it is, but your posts never fail to make me unreasonably happy. You are just adorable. And that's not meant at all to sound condescending, even though it kinda does. O_o Well, that's the stupidest thing I've ever said. *run*

  34. no! more Christmas junk!!!! i love it! you should buy tiny kilts for your dogs AND OJ and make THAT your Christmas card!!!! it would be awesome!

  35. First date questions: What is your clan tartan?

    (maybe not honestly, but I do always have my fingers crossed)

  36. Totally just ordered the whisky advent calendar for the boyfriend. Thanks for the heads up!

  37. I like to take one holiday at a time, so nothing christmassy in my house until the day after Thanksgiving. After that it's like the christmas store puked up in my house. I also love the feeling of the season so much, everyone is happier and nicer. Unless they are trying to get the last of the latest craze toy for their kid, then they will cut a bitch!
    Happy November!

  38. I'm also a Christmas freak and actually started listening to Christmas music roughly three days before Halloween this year, which is way early, even for me. I typically don't start until November 1st when I listen to specific songs in honor of my grandmother who was also a Christmas nut.
    At any rate, last year, when I was pregnant and miserable, I didn't have much Christmas spirit (I was so freaking tired last year) so I am excited that it has returned with a vengeance. And my husband is kind enough to indulge me. I find that it makes the winter blues go away. I wish there was something in January to look forward to since everything seems so bleak once all the decorations come down.

  39. Anonymous11/07/2012

    Tempting. But I feel like this is a ploy to stalk your blogstalkers back.


  40. I am so doing this on my blog as soon as I get another free moment!! (I am using my current free moment to make comments on your blog, because I have not done so in a while. I want to make sure you know I am still faithfully reading!)

    Though, my days may not be very exciting because they consist of school, homework, and napping.

    I think it's awesome Ryan has his own family plaid pattern. I have an odd obsession with plaid. :]


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