How Ryan Met Lauren Part III - Part II - The Conclusion To The Wedding

Happy Friday Blogstalkers!

Actually I might post this on Thursday (today) if I actually get it finished tonight, but then "Happy Thursday" is not a thing nor should it be a thing so if I do post tonight I will refuse to change my salutation out of veritude and stubbornness, or as one Mr. Stephen Colbert (whom I have totally met) would say - truthiness.

Sidenote: Seeing someone leading a homecoming parade and then shouting "Stephen Colbert! Stephen Colbert! Stephen Colbert!" until they look at you and then pointing to your name tag is the same as meeting them right?

Moving on from that monstrosity of an opening, today I bring you the conclusion to the conclusion of the How Ryan Met Lauren series of posts.  And then you can all stop sending me harassing emails ok? Also, whichever of you threatened a "Chicago Cheese Blockade if you do not post the rest of your wedding for crying out loud," that is totally not even possible, I checked with local law enforcement agencies and they all laughed in my face because of how ridiculous you were being.

If you're new here, you might want to first catch up by reading:

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And then mosey on back here for the Grand Finale.

We left off after taking pictures just before 5pm on December 11th, 2010 on what was probably the most disappointing day of weather Chicago had ever seen.

Umbrellas and naked flesh should never be seen in Chicago in the middle of the Winter!  Where are the icicles?  Where is the blizzard?  Where the fuck is my Thunder Snow?

But weather issues aside, the show had to go on.

As least that is what Lauren told Ryan when he was all "You know, we're not married yet, we could always just do this another day," and then she was like "There isn't even any snow RYAN, you can not possibly have cold feet, the show must go on!"

So the wedding party rushed off to the ceremony/reception venue and readied themselves to watch the wedding that had been 22 years in the making.

As our groom is a nice Jewish boy and our Lauren is a sweet (I really tried to leave that word there and just...couldn't) Christian girl, the ceremony was officiated by a judge friend of the bride's father and was approximately five minutes long (no joke.)

Lauren doesn't remember the part where everyone was making their way down the aisle in front of her because she was really nervous and felt like she might vomit.  But make their way down they aisle they did, as evidenced by these pictures.  (Our ceremony really was very short and oddly set up, so some of the pictures are taken from weird angles.)

OJ taking his duty of walking with Lauren's mother and Ryan's father very seriously.

Ryan and his mom.
And after all three hundred members of the wedding party had made their way down the aisle, it was finally time for Lauren to make her entrance.  And she realized she didn't feel nervous and like she might vomit any longer.  She felt excited and suddenly could not get down that drag her father down that damn aisle fast enough.  She was at last marrying the only boy she'd ever loved.

A tender moment between OJ and I where I am thinking non-mischevious innocent bride-like things and definitely not "I TOLD you I'd get him to the altar before the end of the year!"
And then Lauren and Ryan were quickly married, before Ryan had a chance to bust out of the joint.  It was like a shotgun wedding without any shotguns or pregnant brides.

Rings were exchanged, vows were exchanged and finally, the phrase Lauren had been waiting almost ten years to hear, "I now pronounce you man and wife, Lauren you may kiss your husband."

And she was like, "This judge has correctly gauged who is the boss of this relationship."
And then she kissed her husband.
After the ceremony, the standard family pictures were taken while all of Lauren and Ryan's friends sipped fancy cocktails and munched on hors d'oeuvres in the bar area.  It was ages before our bride even had a chance to update her Facebook status.

I was not only updating my status to "Married" I was also googling pictures of cute babies so I could send them to Ryan with the tagline "Here's To The Next Step."
Once the venue had been converted from make-shift altar to dining room, the guests were somewhat reluctantly shuttled from the bar to their seats for dinner.

Everything was very simple and rustic. 
As soon as all of the guests were seated, the wedding party was announced and Ryan and Lauren were announced and it was time for speeches.

The bow ties had polka dots and our toasting flutes had polka dots and my underwear had polka dots and it is none of your concern what else had polka dots.
First up was Jordan, the Maid of Honor and Lauren's oldest younger sister.

She was perfect.
She was sentimental and touching at times. 
And completely hilarious at times.
The above picture was taken, I believe, right after she said "In 1988, a four year old Lauren decided she was going to marry the blonde-haired blue-eyed boy in her preschool class.  Twenty-two years later she settled for Ryan."

OJ's speech was next.

Hi Y'all I'm OJ and I'm The Best Man and everything I say next is probably going to be ridiculous.
It went a little something like, "There comes a day in every man's life when he meets his soulmate.  The person with whom he is destined to spend the rest of his life.  For Ryan that happy day came to pass just about eight years ago when he met...ME."

Because, yeah.

He later redeemed himself.

After dinner and the speeches, first dances were danced.

"You Are The Best Thing" By Ray LaMontagne

And then it was finally time for the merriment!

The photo booth.  I understand that this is not usually how photo booths work.
My BFF Vanessa and Ryan's and my friend Ramin.  He was there when our romance first bloomed, in preschool.
At around ten p.m., people decided it was time to break out The Hora/Havah Nagilah.  And then Lauren hid in the bathroom.  (Seriously, she hid.)  Because she was terrified about getting up on that chair.

Ryan had a grand old time obviously.

 And then her traitor sisters found Lauren in the bathroom because of how it is really hard to hide in a bathroom stall while wearing a giant wedding dress and humming "So This Is Love" from the movie Cinderella.

  "You can get down as soon as I get one picture of you smiling up there." - Lauren's also-traitorous photographer.

So then Lauren quite successfully pulled off a smile in the middle of being scared for her life.
Once all of the jerks at the wedding finally let Lauren off of that death chair, the gods decided that since she was such a good sport that they would gift her with a Wedding Miracle.


Our Thank You Cards

And a wonderful time was had by all.

And then because of how when rain and snow mix they make ice, Lauren and Ryan got snowed into Chicago for the first two days of their honeymoon and Lauren looked to the sky and shouted "I take back all of the thanks for the miracle snow," and then the lady in the airport was all "Ma'am, we do not yell in airports."

So That's All Folks!

I was intending on putting some photo booth pictures in this post as well, but again, it's gotten too long, so I'll just wait until next Wednesday for a Mostly Wordless Wednesday post to use those!

Hope you enjoyed.  As always, here are some gratuitous pictures of our wedding.

We had "You Are The Best Thing" inscribed on each of our wedding rings.


  1. What a cool wedding! I can't imagine what your baby shower will be like RYAN!

    1. Full of tentacles and tiny wind up toys I'm sure, with a very large cheese tray.

  2. I have all the feels now. What a wonderful wedding, and I'm so happy for you!

  3. WOW! Lauren your wedding must have been magical.

  4. First comment? Are you kidding?!?
    I don't even know you but this post has caused goose-bumps and watery eyes which may or may not be due to the jalepeno humus I'm eating as I catch up on blogs. Gorgeous - gorgeous - photos, but the captions and absolutely make the story. And the snow! The snow! Storybook. Love love love this!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Apparently I took too long to write that.

  5. Amanda W.8/30/2012

    The picture of you two dancing is probably one of the sweetest, cutest things I've ever seen. Adorable.

  6. YAY! finally, the story is finished! Your wedding seems like it was magical! My best friend refused to let us do speeches at her wedding for fear of what the best man would say. I was just glad i didn't have to speak in front of everybody. Also, i love that i can totally see O.J. and Ryan as Turk and J.D., awesome!

  7. Seriously crying because it's all so sweet and beautiful. Amazing wedding post!

  8. Steph M8/30/2012

    UGH this is the most perfect, dreamy wedding! I know that is a really cheesy thing to say, but there is no other word that is coming to mine.
    Looking at your happy faces when the speeches are being read is sending me into a panic though. I've never been in a wedding before but my sister decided she had to go and get married so now I find myself as a maid of honor and I have to do a speech. It's terrifying! Can I just once see pictures of brides looking bored and or pissed off during the speeches so I can feel a little less pressure? Just kidding, kind of.

  9. This is so sweet and how awful of those people to terrorize you by lifting you in that chair. I'm glad you got your magical snow for your magical day. THANKS FOR SHARING!!

  10. Anonymous8/30/2012

    Quite possibly the sweetest wedding photos I've ever seen -- and I was raised by a wedding photographer! It's easy to see how much you adore each other, and your wedding designs, decor, apparel, etc. were fabulous!

  11. So cute!! As a wedding planner, I completely am blown away by the perfection that is your wedding :)

  12. Oh the snow...breathtaking end to a beautiful story!

  13. Beautiful wedding photos! You make a stunning bride!

  14. I also have a fear of heights and have been known to run hide so I completely understand. Beautiful the shoe photo for the ladies!

  15. So very beautiful. A little teary. I just smootched hubby because I love weddings and .... Blubbering a little. Thanks for the end of the beginning =]

  16. Oh Lauren, you and Ryan make such a beautiful couple I totally misted up. I love that song, too. Also, the matching converse was awesome. Who's idea was that? What were the boxes on the plates?

  17. Happy Thursday is totally a thing. In Boulder, CO, every Thursday evening (weather permitting) people don costumes, get drunk / high, and ride their bikes around shouting "happy Thursday!" before eventually ending up at a bar and getting more drunk. It's a very impressive spectacle.

    Also, lovely wedding!

  18. That was great! Your wedding photos are wonderful. Just so you know - in labour shots don't tend to turn out as nice. But first pic after baby is born - the glow of love, pride, sorrow (for those not there), happiness, pure joy ... yes, I can just picture OJ now ... ;)

    P.S. Don't be hating on Thursdays! My hands down most favourite day of the week ... there SHOULD be a Happy Thursday thing! Apparently I need to move to Boulder ...

  19. Mary P8/30/2012

    The pictures in the snow.. those are the sort of pictures I want at my wedding! Beautiful and sweet and honest. Thank you for sharing your story!

  20. Melina8/30/2012

    Aw! Your wedding was beautiful! You are a lucky lucky girl. And Ryan is a super lucky lucky guy :)

  21. Ashley8/30/2012

    Wow. I was completely taken off guard with this post. I usually don't cry about stuff like this but...tears.

    You are absolutely gorgeous in these pictures. I'm sure you'll laugh or roll you eyes here. If you do, rolling your eyes just means you totally agree with me here. So hah.

    Your wedding decorations were also pretty great. A really magical night.

    Favorite story on here so far. You pretty much are a Disney princess at this point in time. You met your husband when you were a child, married him, and had a fairytale wedding complete with a snowy ending.

    Worst comment ever, by Ashley. Enjoy!

  22. What a lovely, lovely wedding ceremony and an even more wonderful love story. I married my best friend's older brother's best friend. That's a mouthful! We met when I spent the night at her house when I was 9 and he tripped over me sneaking in at 4am, wearing all black I might add, so of course I screamed, which meant that my friend's father came in with a baseball bat to take care of business. I wish I could say that it was love at first sight, but alas, it was not. The boys got in trouble and I was regarded as a pest until I grew boobs. Then I was cool again. :)We married 11 years later.

    I personally regard myself as a lost Disney princess, but my husband scares the living daylights out of every child he meets, he's tall and very hairy. I have always told him that it is because he looks like the bad guy in every Disney movie ever made. He does not dispute this.

    Lovely love story Lauren!

  23. Geeze louise, your face is absurdly beautiful. And the magic snow pictures made me tear up. Mine had magic...sweat. #junebrideproblems

  24. The ending to an epic tale. Awesome post!

    I should probably warn you I compared ya'll to the Odyssey in my last post. I meant Sirens in the best way possible.

    Good to see I'm not the only one who started bawling.

  25. ... and they lived happily ever after!

    That was lovely. The pictures are gorgeous!

  26. Great photos, looks like an amazing wedding and wonderful conclusion to the story.

  27. I love reading your posts! I end up with a huge smile plastered to my face, and a delightfully happy feeling.

    I *loved* part III of 'How Ryan met Lauren' - you are both so awesome (although, truth be told Lauren, you are just a little bit more awesome). I hope you have a long, happy & healthy life together.

  28. I want your wedding. Seriously, if I had a do-over, I'd just want yours... but in Atlanta. Hey, it snows there- sometimes.

    (Really, gorgeous. You, it, OJ...)

  29. Michelle8/31/2012

    I was teary-eyed from some parts and hysterically laughing from other parts... it really looks like it was a fairy tale, though.

  30. Such a beautiful wedding and gorgeous photos! A post worth waiting for :D xx

  31. This post and these pictures were so sweet they made me cry- at my desk!
    Please don't make me cry at my desk.

  32. absolutahnie8/31/2012

    you were a beautiful bride and the whole wedding was just gorgeous! i'm with prettygirlmeyers...crying at my desk, thanks, it's making my bagel soggy!

  33. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. Like Jem, only better.

  34. Awesome! Totally love it! Thanks for finishing the story! :) Love the photos!

  35. Tiffani W.8/31/2012

    I just have to say you looked amazing! What a beautiful bride and what a fun party!

  36. Anonymous8/31/2012

    Such beautiful pictures, Lauren! LOVE the venue and all outdoor shots.

    I've been wondering this for a while, but is there somewhere you could point us blogstalkers to for your old wedding blog?? I've been dyyying to read it ever since you mentioned it existed a long time ago. Is it too crazytown to share with your current readers??

    1. I posted bits and pieces of the wedding blog in an entry called something like "In which I get lazy and repost entries from my wedding blog" or something. I can't really post much more of it because it gets too personal (not for me, I will tell the internets EVERYTHING!) for some of our wedding party and such. Like I have an entry where I introduce all of the bridesmaids and Ryan actually wrote one introducing all of the groomsmen and we want to respect their privacy.

      I will tell you this though, you're not missing out on much because WOW that blog/website was a bit crazy.

  37. When my cousin got married this past April, the groom and groomsmen all wore black converse all stars. not to be left out, I bought some for myself and for my daughthers for the reception (both my husband and I were in their wedding.) One daughter chose neon orange, the other chose neon green and mine? the same purple as in your picture up above. Great minds think alike! :) thanks for sharing your wedding story, it looks like it was a lot of fun!

  38. Seriously one of the coolest, prettiest weddings I've ever seen! We don't get many winter wonderland weddings down here in Florida, obv. Love all the little touches you added. Loved reading your love story.

  39. *sighs* Just.. beautiful.

    I'm a little jealous of how awesome your wedding looked, but don't tell Sean. ^_^

  40. It makes me all teary eyed and happy and jealous at the same time.. People who have found true love are the envy of all... Well, me. Someday my prince will come? Anyhow thanks for sharing, it's so nice to see happy people.

  41. I cried. Such a great story/memory!

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. I love seeing happy people. I hope you will always remain like this. Good to you!

  44. Wow! Don't you wish your wedding was everyday? My wedding was the most fun party I have ever attended in my life. Also I made everyone tell me at least twice I was the Most Beautiful Bride Ever. Yay me!

  45. GORGEOUS photos Lauren! I love the rustic vibe of the reception.

  46. I. heart. this. post.

  47. Such a glorious wedding! Also, I'm shocked Ryan wasn't thrown from that chair. It looked more like bull riding to me.



  48. I just discovered your blog and I am reading it backwards. It is funny AND sweet and your wedding story is the sweetest ever!!!
    You and Ryan look so happy that I am happy for you, even though I don't even know you.


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