No post today Blogstalkers, just a little note to inform you that one of my posts is being featured today over at All Fooked Up as part of the Go Ahead, Amuse Me series.  So check it out!


  1. Just wanted to drop by and say thank you in case you didn't see the thank you not on my blog. But a super huge thank you for dropping by and reading it! I hope I can get to be as good a writer as you are, tho I think I'm far less interesting. Any way, you made my morning, and since I've only had 1 up of coffee it was a massive feat to get me that excited. Have an awesome weekend!!!

  2. Wow...you must have impressively sharp kitchen scissors to have shaved your legs with them. Most of the scissors in my house can't cut paper with two blades, much less one.

  3. no post? this is all fooked up.


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