Let's Go To Cabo, Today.

Greetings from Cabo blogstalkers.

Wish you all were here, it's sort of lovely and there is a TON of booze.  Well...there was a ton of booze at least.

I said I would try to post semi-realtime updates whilst I am enjoying the Mexican sun for two days and then despairing in a Mexican bathtub filled with aloe for nine days, so here goes.

First I want to take a serious moment and say I went very back and forth on if I was comfortable posting pictures of myself on this blog at this moment in my life.  I'm very uncomfortable with my body image right now and it's hard to put myself up for scrutiny online.  But then I thought, you know what, eff it.  Just be gentle ok?


My alarm goes off before five in the morning.  Even in my half-awake mostly-drugged state (see last post please) I start getting super excited.  Because I would never NEVER get out of bed for anything not fun before five (ok who am I kidding, seven) in the morning.  So I lie in bed trying to figure out what wonderful thing has caused me to set my alarm for such an early hour.

Did Santa come?

Has there been a giant blizzard and I can start calling the weather hotline to see if my office has been closed at five AM?

And then I remember.  Vacation! Yay!

I pop out of bed and kiss both of my dogs directly on the mouth and then shower, making sure to clean my mouth quite well as one of the dogs managed to lick the inside of my cheek a little bit.

I do a small Cabo dance in the bathroom.

Ryan hears and is all "Are you dancing in the bathroom again?"

And I'm like 'Yes but not for the normal reason."

Which was good because I had packed all of my pants except for the pair I was wearing.

Then we gathered the dogs up and gathered our bags up and packed the car and left the city for the suburbs.

Daisy.  She's not as good at taking pictures as she is at accidental French kisses.
We dropped the dogs off at my parents house just before six and then drove to Ryan's childhood home where we left our car and jumped into the car we had hired to drive Me, Ryan, his brother Sean, his brother Danny and his sister Katie to the airport.

When we got to the airport and tried to check in it was discovered that both Danny's and Katie's passports were expired.  I think everyone had assumed that since they had gotten theirs at the same time as Ryan and Sean that they would expire at the same time.  But Danny and Katie were under 16 when they got their passports, so they expire in 5 years instead of 10.

So we left them at home.


But first we changed their flights for the same time the very next morning (tomorrow morning) and made them an appointment to get emergency passports issued the same day in Chicago.

So Ryan and Sean and I were the only ones to board the plane to Cabo San Lucas this morning.

But first only I had to get a full body scan.  And then the lady seriously patted down my ponytail while Ryan and his brother stood sniggering to the side.

Those airport people were clearly pretty sure I was a drug mule of some sort.

Moving on.  For the first time every Ryan actually let me have the window seat after I begged a lot.  I think probably because I'm making him nervous lately with all of the extra ticking-timebomb crazy I'm carrying around with me these days, but whatever, I'll take it.

Deciding whether or not to give me the window seat.

The view out the plane window.  Not my plane window.  The window of the nice couple sitting across the isle from me.  I accidentally fell ALL OVER them to get this picture.  And then the lady was like "Oh is this your first time on a plane?"  And I was like "Umm yes, yes it is."  And then Ryan (who I had thought was sleeping) was all "No it's not."  Seriously Ryan?  That wasn't helpful even a little bit.

So we were finally here!

We got through customs, rented a car and found somewhere to eat lunch.

Las Quesadillas.  Lobsters, Tacos & Beer.  Perfect.

He had a huge mouth/face full of guacamole and I tried to take a picture really really fast.  Was foiled by quick thinking and strategic menu placement.

We had our first Mexican beers of the trip.

Hey blogstalkers, meet Sean. 

This is only my first beer because Ryan thought it "tacky" to start drinking on the plane at 8AM.

And then I had my first Chihuahua Cheese of the trip.

I dropped the quesadilla into my lap shortly after this picture was taken.

Then we made a quick stop at the supermercado (supermarket for those of you who, unlike myself, do not pretend they are fluent in Spanish.)

We only bought liquor.

Oh and limes.  We totally also bought limes.

And the we finally got to the house we've rented and Ryan and Sean unpacked while I stocked the fridge.

I love straight lines.  And beer.  Straight lines and beer are two of my favorite things. 

For making margaritas and tropical pool drinks.

And cut the limes.

And claimed the shadiest chair I could find by the pool by placing my noodle on it.

Yes I travel with a noodle.  Do you have a problem with that?  Because Ryan does.  Because of how I make him take it as his carry-on because I need to take a suitcase full of books as my carry-on.  He gets LOTS of funny looks when we board planes.  And then sometimes he's tries to be like ":sigh: I know it's weird, it's my wife's."  And then I shake my head and silently mouth "No it's not."

And then wandered about looking for wasps nests because I thought I heard buzzing.

There is almost definitely a wasps nest in the fake lime tree outside.

Ryan says "First, the buzzing is most definitely in your head, second it's a real lime tree and third that is a paper bag.  You can tell because of how it says "Los Desperados Mexican Cantina" on it."

And then we flung ourselves into the pool for the rest of the day.  And everyone felt like they could breathe again for at least a couple of minutes.

It's not hard when you're here.
But first I put on ALL of the sunscreen.

I am VERY prepared.  I'll still get burnt.  But at least now you know it's not my fault.  It's just totally unavoidable.
And now I am off to a fancy dinner with my husband and my brother-in-law.  I am most definitely going to be the third wheel.  I'm thinking about taking my noodle as a fourth.

Talk to you tomorrow blogstalkers!!

Oh also, super randomly today I actually started a Zazzle store.

I put this status up on Facebook:

Have successfully made it to Cabo and purchased copious amounts of local beers.

Now must go. Ryan is floundering about in the pool and I need to check to see if he is drowning or just a terrible swimmer.

Oh never mind, he just did a slightly off-kilter underwater handstand. 

Terrible swimmer it is.

Point your toes RYAN.

And Judy suggested I make a tee shirt that said "Point Your Toes RYAN"

So I did.

And a couple of other things.

You can check them out HERE and HERE if you want.

I'm new to Zazzle.  So don't expect anything awesome.


  1. Breane3/13/2012

    Totally jealous. I wanna go on a awesome vacation! Please tell me your noodle has a name.

    1. It doesn't! It doesn't!

      Noodle naming contest....annnnddd GO!

  2. Theresa3/13/2012

    Remember that the trick to sunscreen is not in the act of putting it on. It's in the act of putting it on over and over and over. I used three containers in a week in Jamaica. Use hourly. Wear a hat. You will look gorgeous. Until you peel like I am doing right now. Still gorgeous - just "leaking sunshine."

    1. Don't worry Theresa, Ryan is totally my sunscreen Nazi. Every twelve minutes he is like "YOU SHALL REAPPLY!" I'm just really very allergic to the sun (like not supposed to be in the sun EVER) so I burn pretty much no matter what I do.

      And leaking sunshine is my new terrible burn descriptor.

      Too much sunshine in me. Some of it had to leak out.

  3. TraceyM3/13/2012

    Agreed, totally jealous! And please name your noodle! Wow, that sounds kind of dirty.
    I used to be like you and fill my entire carry on with books. Then I got a Kindle, even though I swore I wouldn't. But, I'm a convert now. Being able to have my entire library with me rocks my world. I can go to the doctor's office with all 460 books in my library and not be conspicuous. And I have way more room in my carry on for important stuff like fuzzy socks and my teddy bear.

    1. I can't do it! I can't get a Kindle. My books would be so angry with me. Ryan has one though and loves it. So I get them, just think maybe I won't ever be quite able to make the switch.

      Also, Kindles don't smell like books.

      Also, I always bring fuzzy socks on vacation, am wearing purple ones now. Don't bring my teddy bear though (named Beary Bear) because he is claustrophobic in suitcases.

    2. TraceyM3/14/2012

      I felt the same way about Kindles before I had one. Loved turning the pages and the smell of a book. And holding one in my hands. Then I broke my wrist in 2 places and couldn't hold heavy books anymore and my kindle saved my life (ok not really) and I was a convert. And as for the smell, hubby bought me a leather Oberon cover for it that smells divine! I frequently stop reading just to sniff my cover. I get weird looks in coffee shops. But my books do miss me. Pretty sure they're planning a coup as they sit, lonely and neglected, in the bookshelves in the basement!

    3. Oh broken wrists. How I hate you.

      You're totally allowed to have Kindle because of the broken wrist thing.

      (You're actually totally allowed to have a Kindle anyway. It's not like anyone has made me the goddess of deciding who gets to have Kindles.)


      I get weird looks in coffee shops too!!

      I think it's mostly because sometimes I forget to brush my hair.

  4. Bethany3/13/2012

    Oh Lauren Filing Jointly (this is what I call you since becoming a Facebook fan), I hope you have a wonderful vacation! Also, I love your tee shirt! Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...

    1. Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr Purr Purr.

      So confession.

      Used to think that show was THE WORST. But we've had a lot of driving time and sitting in hospital time and such on our hands the last month or so and I was totally out of things to watch so I started the first season.

      Seven episodes in or so, I was like HOOKED. I'm still only half way through season 2, so no spoilers!

      And Lauren Filing Jointly is actually what some of my friends call me to differentiate me from another Lauren, so it's totally fine. I like Lauren Filing Jointly.

    2. Bethany3/14/2012

      That's especially funny because my husband is the one who made me start watching and I was like, "this show is BAD", and when he would laugh out loud at it I would be annoyed like "why don't you know what funny is?" But then somehow I too started laughing at it and now I'm addicted. Hope its a lovely day in Cabo!

    3. This is like the exact opposite of the Ryan & Lauren story (as far as The Big Bang Theory is concerned.)

      He still is like "Seriously Lauren? No." when I fall off the couch laughing at something.

      He'll come around.

      I told him he had to.

      And I am the boss.

  5. You look great, don't be crazy. I'm very jealous of your gorgeous vacation house and your alcohol. I hope your BIL and SIL get there without anymore incident and you have a wonderful vacation!

    1. Thanks Lauryn!

      Danny and Katie got their passports renewed today and have tickets for tomorrow morning, so we should be set!

  6. Omg you are cute and awesome.

    I think you should name the noodle "Just do it, RYAN!"

    1. Yes the noodle name definitely must reference Ryan. Am going to use this trip for noodle-naming inspirations.

      Also, you are totally cute and awesome yourself.

    2. Aww :D I love meetings of the mutual admiration society. My turn! You're funny and kind and I kinda feel like I'm missing out since I don't know you in real life.

      And I have no idea what chiuhaha cheese is but it looks delicious.

    3. Noodle names: Hmm.

      "I love it because it floats, RYAN." Too long.
      "Greeny, green; RYAN" Too disjointed
      "It's bendy; like a straw, RYAN" too... something.
      "I'd rather have rubies, RYAN"

    4. Don't worry Laura, you're not missing out at all.

      In real life I am awkward and twitchy.

      My real life friends wish they could be blog friends instead.

      Right Vanessa?

      Also, am currently making a shirt that says "I'd rather have rubies RYAN"

      I am going to own so many RYAN shirts.

    5. Awesome. In real life I am far more sarcastic.

      And there can never be too many Ryan shirts, RYAN.

  7. I was just in Cyprus (early January) visiting my Brother-in-Law. We landed in south Cyprus and went through the border to the north. Turns out they didn't stamp my passport on the way into the north (they had five to do). When I came back through the border to get to the airport to come home they had no record of me being there in the first place and I had been in Northern Cyprus illegally for the week. Oops.

    I hate planes. I was crying before I even got on it so the pilot invited me to the cockpit to see all the flashy lights before we took off. It made me worse because I was all like...this space is so small, how do you not turn around and press buttons with your arse? I think being on a plane with you would make things better!

    I snort laughed at your noodle.

    /random disjointed comment

    1. Oh, Abigail!

      Your comments never ever fail to make me laugh out loud. Even (especially) when they are random and disjointed.

      I'm not great during take-offs and landings but otherwise I'm ok with flying. Apparently I 'squeak' during landings. I didn't know this until yesterday when Ryan leaned over and whispered "No stupid squeaking ok?" when we were about to land.

      I'm super jealous of your Cyprus trip. It's seriously on my list of places to legally go.

      I love my noodle. It really needs a name.

      Also, one of these days (when I need a laugh) I am probably going to come visit you. And I'm not going to tell you when. I'm just going to show up on your doorstep and be like "SURPRISE!! Now make me some crafts."

  8. Did you know that the lime in the top of the beer bottle originally wasn't for taste but to keep the flies out?

    (I also like your noodle. "No it's not." )

    1. I did not know that about the limes.

      Would any sort of 'cork' act the same way? Or do limes have some sort of supernatural ability to keep bugs away because of their inherent limeness?

      Like if I bathe in lime juice, would the bees stay away?

      Trying It!!

  9. I'm so glad y'all are taking this trip! It looks beautiful & sounds well-deserved and I hope you have an AWESOME time with your new alcohol - um the beautiful scenery!

    1. Thanks Brittany!

      We are all so glad to be here.

      Now must go. Is hard to type with a beer in each hand.

  10. Jessica Stringer3/14/2012

    I totally LOVE this post! My hubby and I went to Mexico for our honeymoon and it totally SUCKED! We were in a hurricane, had rain all day everyday and the food really got to us by the 5th day! We want a honeymoon redo! LOL! I don't think I'll ever get him out of the country again! SHIT! GIRLS MEXICAN VACATION! WOOT WOOT!

    1. Ugh.

      Ryan and I were in Florida during a hurricane once and it was THE WORST. And it wasn't our honeymoon, so I can't even imagine how dreadful that must have been.

      You definitely get a honeymoon redo.

      I got a proposal redo because Ryan effed the first one up so badly. (Part III of How Ryan Met Lauren)

      Let's totally gather up some blogstalkers and have a girls vacation!!

      And bring Ryan.

      So he can see that I'm telling the truth when I say "I'm not the only one like this."

    2. I would SO sign up for that trip.


    3. Yes!! Where should we go? I vote somewhere I can wear a ball gown at some point. I am so sick of not wearing a ball gown.

    4. oooh, oooh, me too please! Also, you should name the noodle "Ruby Toe Ryan"

    5. That or Emerald, since it's green and I would also accept emeralds from Ryan.

      I am SO not a gemstone snob.

  11. Hope you have an amazing trip!!!

    1. Thanks Liza!

      Hope you have an amazing day!

  12. A) Love your blog
    B) Come on Ryan get with the program, toe pointing is mandatory
    C) You are absolutely beautiful (and so are the pics)
    D) Have fun and enjoy your trip!!!!

    1. A) Thanks!
      B) Obviously RYAN
      C) Thanks! (again)
      D) Thanks! (again again)
      E) Don't you think Ryan is kind of dumb? I do.

    2. A) You're Welcome
      B) Hopefully he'll remember now
      C) You're Welcome (again)
      D) You're Welcome (again and again)
      E) I think he's just three steps behind, probably distracted by your amazing abilities.
      F) Could I have waited longer to reply!??!? (My spring break stole all my time lol)

    3. No worries! I've been taking like FOREVER to reply these days too.

      And let's say four steps behind. Makes me feel better somehow.

  13. ooh, and I am sad that you are image unhappy right now...every time I see a pic of you I think of how adorable you are (in a totally not creepy way)

    1. Thanks for that. Have just gained some year one of marriage weight, which makes me feel yucky sometimes.

      Which is why I've hired a personal trainer.

      She is THE WORST.

  14. OMG. I just died laughing about your traveling with a noodle commentary. Best thing I've read all month :)

    1. Haha thanks Natalie! You've just made my day!


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