Cabo Day II, My Sock Is All Wet With Beer Right Now Because Ryan Just Kicked My Beer Over. Probably On Purpose.

Hola blogstalkers.  How's your week going?

Welcome to Dia Numero Dos of the Cabo saga.  See the first part HERE.

Ok, pleasantries out of the way, I really need all of your help coming up with a name for my noodle (see last post.)  I'm actually horrified I've never named it and have been trying to think of something all day.  With absolutely no help from Ryan.  Because 'Noody' is not an appropriate name for a beloved noodle RYAN.

Moving on.

We left off just as Ryan and Sean and I were headed out to dinner.  We ended up at Hacienda El Coyote. The food was pretty good.  Ryan got to cross something off his bucket list when he finally got to eat Cochinita Pibil for the first time.

He had been craving it ever since someone made it on Top Chef.

And yes that actually was on Ryan's bucket list.  The damn thing reads more like a menu than a bucket list.

To drink we had 'Sangre del Coyote' or 'Blood of the Coyote' which tasted like Acai juice and tequila and not like blood even a little bit.  It was just OK, but was totally worth ordering because I had a great time pretending I was a vampire whilst drinking it.  Ryan would not let me order a second one.  He told me I had to get a beer and act like a normal person for the rest of the evening.

He was all like "Maybe if you were pulling off the whole vampire thing more successfully I'd allow a second round.  But instead of being all silent and broody, you're being you but with a Transylvanian accent."

I employed photo shop techniques to make my eyes red in this picture.  Who's not being a good vampire now RYAN?
After dinner we just headed back to our house and sat outside by the pool for a while.  It had been a long day so I eventually just headed to bed while Ryan and his brother stayed up til I have no idea what time because I was sleeping.

What I do know is that one of them ate my leftover quesadilla, probably out of spite, before going to bed.

I had to eat lime wedges for breakfast.

We really should have bought some food at the store yesterday.

That brings us to today.

Ryan got up early to head back to the airport to collect his brother Danny and his sister Katie, who thank the lord had gotten the whole passport dilemma settled yesterday.

But not before Danny got a $175 dollar ticket for "Trying to bring a knife with a blade longer than 3 inches into a federal building."

Because Danny had his dad's snorkel kit in his suitcase, in which his dad apparently kept a very large knife.  I assume to threaten other snorkelers away from prime turtle observation areas.  I mean, that's why I have a knife in my snorkel kit.

Seriously blogstalkers, from now on before going on vacation, please check your passports for expiration dates and your suitcases for knives.  Oh you already do that?  Well aren't you fancy.

Anyway though, Katie and Danny got here all safe and sound and we all went out to lunch at some brewing company whose name I can not remember.  Totally go there if you're ever in Cabo.

Also, those are tiny beers in the picture below, not lots and lots of shots.

Katie rated the lunch experience a 9.5.  When asked why not a ten she replied "because my feet hurt."
And then we walked around some shops a bit and Katie tried to convince Ryan to buy her a $4,700 Tag watch that was encrusted with diamonds until she was sidetracked by an adorable sleeping niño with the fattest cheeks of all time.

Ryan thinks his sister and I need to stop spending so much time together.

Then we went actual grocery shopping and came home to sit by the pool/hot tub all day.

My In-Laws.  
Tonight we (me) are making dinner at home and taking it easy.  But there will be many many adventures to come.  We have mad plans.  Monkey and horse plans.

Oh and our cast of characters will be expanding again soon.  This Saturday we will be headed to the airport once again to pick up Katie's BFF Elyse and Danny's girlfriend whose name is actually Ryan, but whom we call 'Girl Ryan'.

For now, we're just happy to be here.

Oh, I just asked Danny to go into my bedroom and take a picture of the stupid fish painting on the wall so I could show you all. But he was taking too long so I went to do it myself.

This is what I found.

I definitely married into the right family.
Here's the fish picture.  It's the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before I close my eyes at night.

Ryan wanted to name the big one 'Fishface'  but I put a stop to that nonsense.  His name is obviously Noody.
That's all for today!!!

Leave suggestions for noodle names.  Here is another picture of my noodle for inspiration.

More Zazzle things.  I'm basically just creating my dream wardrobe.  Ryan is horrified.

Finally A Truthful Purse

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  1. Justin Timberlake would have let you have another vampire blood drink. SHEESH RYAN!

    Also I think you should name your noodle "Monsieur Nouilles" because it's fancy. Or perhaps "Sir Pasta Basingstoke the Third"

    You cannot believe how much envy I have right now. :D

    1. Yeah SHEESH RYAN.

      I really like Monsieur Nouilles. It's a front runner for sure. Except I don't know how to pronounce it. So maybe I'll just go with Sir Pasta instead?

      Tough decisions to make while in Cabo these days.

    2. Meh-sure New-yea (as in yea verilly)lol

      My husband is fluent in canadian french, and assures me that though my accent is bad, that's roughly correct. *shrugs*
      Then he started to ask why I wanted to know, and then told me he didn't want to know "it's probably something to do with those crazy bloggers you talk to. God forbid you ever meet them face-to-face"

      I think he has nightmares about that. ;)

    3. Oh man my husband is right there with yours.

      He almost passed out from horror when I mentioned a blog conference. He was like "Like you all meet each other?" And I was like "Yep." And he was all "Shit."

      Also, I kind of want to at least call my noodle Monsieur Nouilles around Ryan if no where else because I still can't pronounce it. Because I like really really want to be like "Ryan, did you remember to book Monsieur Nouilles a set on the return flight?"

  2. Clearly, I should fly down and be some supervision. Or something.

    ps: you are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Vicki!

      And don't worry about us, we're being all sort of safe and careful.

  3. Mel Patrick3/14/2012

    Bert the noodle? Or you could name it any of the baby names you've picked out and be all "I have to name something, RYAN"

    1. Ugh seriously RYAN.

      I DO have a lot of names picked out.

  4. Nipsy. Nipsy Noodle. Plus! It rhymes with Tipsy....

    1. I like it, but unfortunately my little sister is 'Nicky Noodle' so it's just a little too close.

      But don't despair Other Lauren, just check out my tagline.

      Thanks again for that!

  5. Your noodle kinda reminds me of broccoli slaw, so I would say Slaw... or perhaps Snood? (And yes, I'm completely aware that snood is a hair accessory) Like 'sup nood? Although, I guess I don't really know if your noodle has a personality or not. Is it a he or a she? Treats you well I'm assuming considering you take it on such fantastic trips. ;)

    Loving the ability to stalk you and your lovely in-laws on your trip. Keep having a bomb time, you deserve it. :)

    1. Haha you said Snood and I'm such a big nerd that I totally thought of the computer game Snood.

      And I haven't decided if my sweet sweet noodle is a he or a she. I'm just waiting for the right name to decide for me.

      And yes he/she treats me wonderfully. We are such old friends.

      Glad you're enjoying the Cabo posts. The internet keeps me semi-sane so I wasn't sure I could kick the habit completely for 11 days.

  6. Stefanie3/14/2012

    This is totally unrelated to anything, except for the fact it involves the word noodle, but Imma tell you anyway.

    So my friend Haley is famous for making up her own little songs and my favorite by far is to the tune of dreidel Dreidel Dreidel and goes like this:

    Noodle noodle noodle,
    You are made of carbs.
    Noodle noodle noodle,
    When you're not cooked you're hard.

    You would LOVE her.

    1. Ok well now I need to meet your friend Haley.

      I'm going to have to plan another vacation.

      I make up raps but they're not very good.

      One day I'm going to post one of my rap videos on the blog.

      Oh yes I make videos of myself rapping.

      And then sometimes send them to Ryan at work.

  7. She looks like a Lucy to me, and I can totally tell she's female...cause she's NAKED! So if you go with the French noodle name she should be Mademoiselle or Madame. I think she's Mademoiselle though since I don't see a ring. She is, however on vacation. I won't judge.

    1. Yes we are totally on vacation here. So no judging any of us.

      Perhaps Lucille? Because I do love Lucille Ball.

  8. Breane3/14/2012

    I vote for Madamoiselle Macaroni!

    1. Looks like a lot of people are pretty sure my noodle is French.

      Which I like, because then I can imagine her saying snooty things in a French accent to Ryan.

      And by her, I mean I will say them to him pretending to be the noodle.

  9. Anonymous3/14/2012

    That noodles name is Conrad. I met him once in Las Vegas. Except he had a mustache back then.


    1. Excuse me, I must go have a talk with Conrad. I was not aware of this Vegas trip.

  10. Anonymous3/14/2012

    Al. Al Denté.


  11. Anonymous3/15/2012

    JILL. haha. [dont ask me why, i dont know! =p] but whenever you're about to head to the pool, you can be like "hold up i gotta go grab Jill."

    then everyone would be like, "who's Jill?"

    and you can be like "; ) you'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... TADA. "


    1. Or like when Ryan is making dinner reservations for five people, I can be like "I know you're not forgetting Jill again RYAN. Six. Six people."

  12. The noodle is definitely a Phineas.
    Don't ask.

    1. Phineas makes me think of Harry Potter. So I like it.

    2. Kaity-Jane3/15/2012

      Do it.
      You know you want to.

    3. Fine. For the rest of the evening the noodle is Phineas.

    4. *facepalm*
      Now no one will know of Phineas the noodle. Why?
      Oh because he lasted only 3 hours before that LAUREN girl TERMINATED him.

    5. He lasted almost five hours actually. It is two hours earlier here.

    6. Kaity-Jane3/16/2012

      Oh yeah well that makes it better.

  13. Nobody gets a Tag Watch until Lauren gets her rubies RYAN!

    1. Yeah RYAN.

      I make him read blog comments sometimes.

      I am going to make him read this one.

      He's going to hate it.

  14. Anonymous3/15/2012

    Hmm... Sprout, Gootch, Spencer, Dobby? I just found your blog last week, and you crack me up.
    I'm so sorry for your losses, it's not fair to lose your parents so young. I can't imagine what you're all going through, but it's really nice that you all have each other to lean on right now. Have a wonderful vacation!

    1. Oh Dobby. Dobby the house noodle.

      So glad you've found my corner of the internets!

      Thank you for your kind words.

      We are vacationing our butts off. It's perfectly lovely.

  15. So first the first thing I saw on Google reader this morning was that Bear Grylls got fired and I was all OH yeah that's totally gonna be my top news for the day, and the thing I totally annoy my boyfriend talking about for hours and hours, but then I came here and was all OMG Lauren's in Cabo! With a noodle! This is now my primary discussion topic for the day.

    That is a lovely noodle, by the way. And I have no idea what its name should be but I'm pretty sure it would have something to do with bathrooms because it is the EXACT same color as the bathroom sink in the house we looked at yesterday. Madame Servicio maybe, because why use one language badly when you can use TWO?

    1. Now I have to go look up this Bear Grylls thing.

      But first I will respond to your comment.

      I totally annoy my husband with all of my internet talk so I totally get it. Sometimes I feel bad for him because I did not start this blog until after we were married, so he had no idea what was coming. Our poor boyfriends/husbands.

      Thank you for calling my noodle lovely. He/she IS lovely.

      One time in college I lived in an apartment that was ALL pink. Like tub, tile, sink, EVERYTHING. It was fine for me and my roommates. It kind of sucked for the boys across the hall that had the same bathroom.

      Adding your name to my consideration list!

  16. It's early and I haven't had my coffee yet so I'm drawing a blank when trying to think of a name so I will just say that I'm a new reader and I love your blog. Your sense of humor is very much like mine :). Have a wonderful rest of your vacation, after all that you have been through the last little while you definetly deserve it!

    Meredith P.

    1. Meredith,

      I've totally checked out your blog (since I got a couple of hits from your blogroll) and I LOVE that you are both a Chicagoan and a Tennessean. I obviously live in Chicago but my mom's family is from Tennessee and Ryan and I visit my grandparents there every summer. I love me some Tennessee. I miss honeysuckle every day that I'm not there.

      Thanks for reading!!

  17. I was going to suggest Spagatta Nadle (in honor of hyperbole and half) but only if you've decided it's a boy.

    1. I miss Hyperbole and a Half!! Come back Allie Brosh!!

  18. Anonymous3/15/2012

    I'm surprised no one has suggested Laurenschair Andnoodle. Pronounced Lore-uns-uh-chay An-du-nodle.
    No? Just me? Oh, ok.

    1. I've actually received multiple emails with the exact same suggestion. Pronunciation and all.


  19. Awww, you're in Mexico!! I am so jealous. First, I love the Bazinga shirt in the previous post. Next . . . quesadillas and beer. What more did you think you needed?

    I'm not good at naming things. I will leave that to the experts. But, I will say that I wanted to name each of my son's Cameron and my hubs vetoed it each time. So, you should name it Cam. For me.

    Also, how long have you been on The Bloggess' blogroll? Just saw yesterday that you were there and was like "hey, I know her. She's awesome. And on the Bloggess' list? Now I feel famous by proxy!!" So, anyway . . . thanks for my fame and such. You're the best. :)

    1. I'll make its middle name Cam ok? And you should be very proud of me for this because Cameron is hard name for me. Because of how Cameron Diaz dated Justin Timberlake.

      And had the link on The Bloggess (best thing on the internet) since February 11th, 2012. It was a happy happy day.

      Now must go. There are beers in the fridge that HAVE NOT BEEN DRUNK YET.

  20. Anonymous3/15/2012

    How about "Ramen-san"? Then it would be an androgynous noodle. Or "Simon" because saimen (pronounced like "simon") is a kind of Japanese noodle. And I'm not sure why, but a Japanese noodle in Mexico makes me giggle. :)

    Party on.


    P.S. Totally enjoying your blog. And it's nice to know there is someone else out there who ranks cheese up there with books. In fact, if you covered this blog in cheese, it would be the PERFECT late night snack. Seriously.

    1. Ok I'm not sure why either, but a Japanese noodle in Mexico is totally making me giggle right now too. It could be the fault of the dinner margaritas.

      And thanks! So happy you stumbled across my site.

      Have to go now. Sudden unexplained cravings for cheese.

  21. How about the Verde Vixen? (Verde = green in spanish) Maybe it's just a Texas thing to add in a little Spanish spice! Love your blog. If this comment posts, your bug is fixed!

    1. Wooohooooooo!!

    2. Yay!!! You can comment!!

      Also, I love word Vixen.


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