Seriously, Who Wrote That On My Sock?

Dear Lauren,

Now that you are gainfully employed once again it is important for you to remember some things.  One, you should probably stop giving all of the deals you work with ridiculous nicknames to make work more interesting.  Because, it would be incredibly embarassing if you walked into the CFO's office and asked him a question about the "Frank & Beans" deal again.  Two, when you go to the washroom, please make sure to ascertain that it is in fact empty before singing yourself the DuckTales theme song.  Three, you really must stop writing yourself personal notes in the margins of the notes you are taking while training at work.  Because someone (your manager) might ask to see your notes and then ask you the next day if you rememebered to buy "a giant tub of cottage cheese" last night at the store. 

There are other things we probably could discuss at this time (like how if you are going to risk changing your shoes at your desk when you get to work, you should refrain from wearing that one white sock you own that for some reason has the word "butt" written on it in permanent marker,) but I'll let you get back to work.




  1. I wish I could be your friend in real life.

  2. @Estephania

    Don't be too sure about that. I tend to embarrass my real life friends. For example I just recently loudly sang my best friend Happy Birthday in the middle of a crowded restaurant in a voice that suggested that I had been dosing myself with large amounts of helium. She was horrified.

  3. Oh, no, not the butt sock! (Personally, I think you should sing whatever you want in the bathroom, the acoustics are always good.)
    Well, DID you remember the cottage cheese?

  4. @Jo

    Today in the bathroom I for some reason shouted "Alvin, Simon, The-o-dore." I seriously can't seem to keep my mouth shut in there. I was alone this time though.

    And yes I did remember the cottage cheese, thank god. I just like it because it's a cheese you can eat for breakfast and still pretend like you're being healthy.

  5. I was not horrified... I love a good Chipmunks rendition of the Happy Birthday song! But the next time you shout my boyfriend's name in the bathroom, we might have a problem. I'll let it slide this time.... tee-hee!

  6. @Vanessa

    When I first read your comment, I was like, when did I shout TED in the bathroom? I then I remembered that Ted is short for The-o-dore and I did definitely shout that in the bathroom today. I apologize, but not that much.

  7. I LOVE the Ducktales theme song! Miss you!

  8. @Stephen

    If you're interested I also do a compelling version of the Muppet Babies theme song. It brings tears to Ryan's eyes. Miss you back.

  9. Haha, yes you are on my blogroll. I think I must have found your blog through a comment on Young House Love or something. I am a CPA, so I loved your blog name, and I think your posts are fun to read. :)

  10. @Lindsay

    CPAs UNITE! (I am not a CPA so you're all going to have to unite without me.) Thanks so so much for reading. Seriously. And I'm not usually serious.

  11. The Ducktales theme song is always appropriate. I'm working my way through your blog and really your writing style. I've laughed more in the past hour than I had in the hour before that. I guess that doesn't sound very impressive. Anyway, Ducktales. Woo ooo ooo.

    1. I LOVE the Ducktales theme song. It gets stuck in my head almost every day. So happy I was able to make you laugh. And thanks for the Twitter follow!


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