Great, Now My Grandmother Thinks I'm A Stripper

Short post today blogstalkers.

I found one of my really old phones this afternoon and the old text messages on it are rocking my world.  I'm planning a post to share some of the especially gemmy ones with you all, here is a small taste:

Ryan and I had the following text conversation this afternoon.

R: Excited to see your personal trainer?

L: No!

L: Are you hymning it up today?

L: Gymming rather.  Please don't sing me any hymns.

L: Ruin my day that would.

R: I plan on hymning all night tonight.  So get ready for that.

L: You had better start learning some hymns then.  Because, and I don't know you if you are aware of this, "I'm In Love With A Stripper" and "Hakuna Matata" are not in fact hymns.

R: Close enough I say.

Oh "funny" story about the song I'm In Love With A Stripper. 

When Ryan and I got engaged I set up a spectacular wedding website and meticulously worked for hours to perfect the damn thing.  The only thing I asked Ryan to do was to set up the music that would play on all of the different pages.

Then we had this conversation.

R: "Oh by the way, I set up the music for the website."

L: "Oh good thank you, people should be getting their Save The Dates about now so they'll be checking it out."

R: "Tee Hee Hee Hee Hee."

L: "Ryan, what the EFF did you do?"
Runs to computer and loads wedding website.

Can you guess which song Ryan chose?


Pictures of Ryan and I start slowly appearing and fading on the screen, accompanied by the lyrical artistry that is T-Pain.

And I still married him.  YOU'RE WELCOME RYAN.


  1. Haha. I look forward to that post. Old texts are fun. I have a friend who still claims I owe her an explanation for a text from 2007, and I have no idea what I was on about.
    If I was marrying someone like Ryan, I would probably have demanded that I should approve the music beforehand.

    1. I actually made Ryan a list of songs that would be acceptable. I just wanted him to pick because I felt weird trying to pick a love song that would remind Ryan of me. Obviously he had no problem thinking of what he felt was the perfect song. The big fat jerk.

      Oh and one time my sister sent me a text that said "Why didn't you tell me Bonnie died?"

      And I flipped out because Bonnie is the name of one of our grandparents.

      Turns out she was talking about a book I recommended.

  2. Replies
    1. It's hilarious NOW. Then? Not so much.

  3. Abi Hadfield1/20/2012

    One of my big anxieties (I have MANY) is that I will die and my phone will fall into the hands of people who will read my texts. Part of me would be horrified if that happened (well, I wouldn't really because I would be DEAD) and the other part of me really wants to leave some dodgy texts on the phone just in case.

    1. Three hundred points for the use of the word dodgy. Because its my blog and I will award points willy nilly whenever I feel like it.

      Also now I'm going to have to go through my texts and delete the incriminating ones. I have anxiety issues too ugh.

      Thanks for reading!!

  4. Ok! Eventually, though, I will be able to trade my points in for a Llama. Just so we're clear.

    Also, I am British and therefore I often say 'dodgy'. Pip pip!

    1. I am SO sick of not being British. You have like an eighty-five percent greater chance of casually bumping into Colin Firth and then accidentally kissing him than me.

      As for the llama thing, you have a deal. I've been dying to get rid of my llama for weeks. The damn thing won't spit on people on command.

      Although he does seem to enjoy spitting on me a great deal.

    2. I think my percentage should be higher than that. British paving slabs on the street are notoriously uneven and I am exceptionally clumsy. Should I be walking towards Colin Firth (accidently on purpose) I would probably trip and fly at his lips. Catch me Mr. Darcy!!

    3. It's my blog and I will assign percentages willy nilly as I please.

      But in this case I have reconsidered and will allow for a 90% greater chance. Anything more is too much for my poor heart to handle.

  5. at least you can laugh about it now!

    1. Haha yeah. My life is a fine balance of awkward things I do to embarrass myself and evil things Ryan does to embarrass me. If I couldn't laugh about it all, I'd be a miserable and tortured person.

  6. I just caught up on your blog. Just a few behind. Wish there were more.

    1. Stay tuned...more coming today!


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