My Best Friend is MAKING me go. Yes...That's It. I'm going With That.

Short post today because I am unemployed and extremely busy.  Actually I'm just really trying to get my house super clean today since I am hosting all three of my sisters and their boyfriends here tonight before we all go to dinner together.  That's right.  Poor Ryan has to go to dinner tonight with me, and my three mini-mes.  He's very...let's just say excited. 

From left: Jordan, Me, Clarke, Nicky.  Watch out Ryan, we are coming for you.  Tonight.

Here's an example of how I think the conversation might go:

Lauren: So guess what Ryan did this week.

Jordan: Said no to a baby again?

Clarke: Probably something dumb.

Nicky: Wore a plaid shirt because he thinks he is a cowboy?

Lauren: I was going to say bought me Hunter boots because he is a good husband.  But yes, all those things as well.

Ryan: This is actually going better than I thought.

Poor Ryan.

Don't feel too bad for him though.  I made sure to make reservations at a restaurant that serves ceviche.  Give the boy some raw fish and he is happy.  Which is why I am still confused about why he was less than enthusiastic about my plans to celebrate shark week.

Well must go, things to dust, hair to brush, cheese to eat.

Also, I am going to go see the new Twilight movie at one.  You know for research purposes.  Research for what you ask?  Oh you know, things.  It's a secret actually, for a book I'm writing.  When will my book be out you ask?  Let's just say eventually.  Like by the time my book comes out you may have forgotten I was writing a book at all.  And hopefully you will also have forgotten that I went to see the new Twilight movie the day it came out.


  1. Thanks for going with me! It was okay. But is it bad that I'm counting down the days until Part 2 is here so that we can just see the end and be done with it all?! How can I be so intent on wanting to go see a movie series when I hate both of the lead actors?

  2. Carly M.11/21/2011

    At least you didn't drag your poor hubby along with you. Like I did. On opening night, amidst a see of swooning tweens in "TEAM JACOB" and "TEAM EDWARD" shirts.

    Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Alex is totally Team Jacob, I am Team Edward. <3

  3. @Vanessa

    Anytime! Although I will say that ultimately my favorite part of the movie was during the previews when you leaned over and said "I cried the first time I saw this preview."

  4. @Carly

    Haha. Vanessa and I at least beat the hyperventilating screeching twelve year olds. My favorite Twilight related story though is that Jordan has a really hard time with the character names. Because like seriously, in real life, Edward is her father and Jacob is her boyfriend.

    Although I do think I remember hearing that Jake bought her a Team Jacob shirt once and she was like "You know I'm not wearing this right? I'm Team Edward."


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