How Ryan Met Lauren Part I - The Part In Which Ryan Decides In Preschool That Lauren Is The One For Him And Lauren Is All "Meh, First I Need To Wait And See If Anyone Better Comes Along."

Ryan's and my one year anniversary is coming up quickly so I thought I would take a brief respite from all of the Christmas themed posts to bring all my lovely blogstalkers the story of how Ryan and I met.

It all began when we were four years old and found ourselves enrolled at the very same preschool.

Ryan loved me immediately.  He might say "I don't even remember you in preschool LAUREN." But that is clearly not the case.  I have photographic evidence.
And I am like, RYAN?  Blech.  

He SAT NEXT TO ME at our Christmas Play.  And in preschool that is LOVE.  Plus notice how he is gazing at my hands.  It's almost like he is already planning to put a ring on it at some point in his life.

It's not that there was anything very wrong with Ryan in preschool (besides the obvious cooties),  it's just that I was like really really way too cool for him.

I mean, I would spend my weekends doing this:

I want to be tough as nails when I grow up.

And Ryan would spend his weekends doing this:

I want to be Kermit the Frog when I grow up.

So it just was not going to work out for poor Ryan at this point.  Although there was one very close call when I dressed up as a bride for Halloween and as my mom was about to drop me off I thought about something and freaked out.

I had told everyone (including Ryan) in show and tell the day before that I was dressing up as a bride the next day.



"Can you please go inside and make suh that dumb Wyan is not dwessed as a gwoom?"

"Lauren Rae, get your cute little butt out of this car immediately."

"FINE, He's pwobably a dumb gween fwog anyway and he always eats ALL THE COOKIES."
(Preschoolers don't often make sense.)

So Ryan and I parted ways for years and years, until we ran across each other again in high school.  And this time it was a different story.

Because while Ryan was busy playing Varsity Soccer and Volleyball,

Crap, when did Wyan *ahem* Ryan get cool?

And modeling sweatbands in the local paper,

I know ALL the rules to ALL the sports.

I was busy winning all of the Science Olympiad medals.

Butterflies belong to the Order Lepidoptera Yo.
So our paths did not much cross.

Until our Senior year.  When Ryan and I had AP Statistics together and he made me a bet on like the second day of school that I would go to prom with this other kid in our class.  This other kid in our class who was a year younger than us and had made a waterproof monopoly game complete with laminated money and floating game pieces so that on the weekends he and his friends could sit around in a hot tub and you know, play monopoly.

And I was all "No Way Jose."

And then I started dating the monopoly kid (who was a very nice boy and sometimes left me flowers in my locker.)

And it seemed like Ryan's little prom prediction was going to come true.

Until one of my friend's parents went out of town and we had a party at her house and decided to invite all of the popular kids.  And they came.

And Ryan fell in love with me all over again.  Because, on the inside, he was still the little boy that thought I had the most beautiful hands in the world.  And that night he decided to hold my hand as we took a walk around the neighborhood.

And his prom bet was totally foiled.

Hey Ryan, remember how you still owe me $20 from the prom bet?  With interest over ten years it actually comes out to more like $167.53.  Oh hey coincidentally that is like the exact total for all of the Christmas things that are currently in my cart online at Crate and Barrel.  Funny how these things work out huh?

And then we graduated high school and Ryan proposed three hundred years later and we lived happily ever after.

I lost my shoe while walking across the stage at graduation and decided to just leave it behind.   So I am wearing one shoe in this picture.
Except that's not the whole story.  Stay tuned for Parts II and III soon.

Oh and I just thought I would mention that I wasn't like the biggest nerd in the whole school.  I totally had my eyebrow pierced.  That made me cool right?  No?  Well what if I didn't even care if I was cool, that made me cool right?  Also no?  Crap.

Oh you like my eyebrow ring?  Yeah, I know, it's pretty cool.  My mom let me get it after I got straight A's for six semesters straight.


  1. You two are just ADORABLE. I can't wait to hear about the next parts. (and for those who don't understand the next question because they are so literal, I'm so sorry for you, but....SO, do you two end up getting married? *giggling wildly*)

  2. @Jo

    SHHHH! Don't ruin the ending for everyone. It's not polite. Also - sending wishes for Walt your way tonight.

  3. Anonymous11/30/2011

    So adorable!

    I am curious - were the preschool pics in your possession or his?

    #1 Blogstalker (who is totally not a cousin or a sibling)

  4. @anonymous

    The pictures in this post are mine but Ryan has a picture similar to the first one. Except in his picture he is smiling at the camera and I am examining my shoes. Which, come to think of it, is exactly what is happening in many of our wedding pictures. I really liked my wedding shoes.

  5. I love the last picture of you the best. Eyebrow piercing and all. It's such a pretty photo. I actually like all the photos because young Ryan and Lauren in love is the cutest thing ever!

  6. @Julie

    I actually love that picture too. One of the boys in my photography class in high school took it of me from across the room when I was laughing about something or other. And then gave it to me before he moved back to Australia later that year. I was confused about why he needed to keep the picture until then, but he had a cute accent, so I just went with it.

  7. @LaurenOops...sorry. Ummmm....I SURE do HOPE you two get MARRIED!'s that?

    And thanks for the thoughts for Walt!

  8. @Jo

    Perfecto! I have been drinking a little tonight. And when I'm drinking I like to give things a little Italian flair. Hope everything went well today. Mozzarella!!

  9. I love the pictures! How the heck did you get your hands on a machine gun? The thought alone terrifies me... hehe.

    Also, how did I never hear about you leaving your shoe on the graduation stage???? Was it just hanging up there for the N's through Z's to have to step over??

    Loved the blog entry, can't wait for the next parts!

  10. @Vanessa

    I was in a parade and that was a real machine gun with real ammunition. My dad assures me they took the pin out before they ceded control of a giant weapon to a four year old, but who knows, it was the eighties.

    And I was wearing flip flops at graduation so I didn't really care about leaving it behind. I just kicked it off the stage and kept moving.

  11. Nick Drinka12/09/2011

    You may have won.more SO medals than me, but did you ever win "Most dedicated member?" Actually, that doesn't really help with the coolness factor. You probably would have won "Coolest member" if it were a category, but that's not saying much at all. Being in SO kind of precludes one from being cool. (And the word of the day is "precludes." So what if I had to look it up to make sure it means what I thought it meant?) Regardless of how many medals we won, we were still the best-looking team by a long shot. I always took comfort in that fact.

  12. @Nick Drinka

    I'm not sure about the whole "best-looking team" thing. Did you see my eyebrows in high school?

  13. Oh, there's no need for self-doubt. Screw Heisenberg, I'm 100% certain on this one. You ladies did much more for the recruiting process than the limitless lure of learning. There's at least one marriage that resulted from our SO team. I mean, the simple fact that we had girls on the team at all put us in the top quarter of teams, and we had hot ones to boot. And, I never saw any good-looking girls on any of the other teams. Believe me, I looked. We also had some handsome guys on the team, too. I was there, right? :-P

  14. I wore that exact dress in 2002 when I went to prom with my now husband :)

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