Having Myself a Merry Little Christmas...While Ryan Quietly Sobs in the Shower. I Can Still Hear You RYAN.

Hey there blogstalkers.  Forgive my temporary MIAness.  It has all been for a greater cause.

I was busy wearing the following things.

You would think it would be easier to decide what to wear when your wardrobe is narrowed down to such finite choices.  But it's not.  I still have to try on multiple outfits and decide if The Grinch clashes with ice-skating penguins. (The answer is no.  Christmas and Christmas always match.)
And eating the following things.

Eating a candy cane is the same as brushing your teeth right?  Because of the peppermint?  I'm just going to go with yes.
And having the following conversations with Ryan.

"People were giving me the funniest looks at the grocery store today."

"Do you think perhaps it is because you are wearing elf ears?"

"Whatever, what are those people even doing at the grocery store at eleven on a Monday.  GET A JOB. Right?"

"It's so curious to me that you seem to forget daily that YOU don't have a job."

"Oh hilarious Ryan.  Just TRY to pretend that making gingerbread people is not a job.  You have to be very precise when placing the candy buttons."

"Gingerbread people? Wait why did you frost braids on some of these cookies?"

"Those are the gingerbread women.  I needed men and women to start so that I could make gingerbread babies later today.  Why else do you think I had to go to the store again if not for gingerbread-baby-making supplies?"


"By next week I should be ready to make the gingerbread toddlers and if I'm lucky, if everything works out  just right, by Christmas I will have entire gingerbread families."

"Did you by chance get any whiskey at the store?  I suddenly have a strong craving to forget this conversation ever happened."

And trying to convince Ryan to get a real Christmas tree or two this year (in addition to the fake ones I already own.)  So far his answer has been, "Stop calling me at work." But I'm pretty sure he'll give in soon.

Lots of Christmas cheer coming your way blogstalkers.

Oh and for anyone that was curious how this post resolved itself...I got a lovely pair of Hunter Boots, size 8 in the mail yesterday.

And I was all "Yesssss! Now we can go sledding.  I didn't have good boots before that's why we didn't get to go in previous years."

And Ryan was all "Oh shit."


  1. Get a real tree. I heard that they are fertilised with reindeer poop. Which makes them magical.

    Also, will there be gingerbread domestic animals? Please post pictres of your gingerbread families on completion. I suddenly have a strong urge to become unemployed.

  2. Anonymous11/23/2011

    You need more red/green pants. And more socks. Definitely more socks.

    Also, I like how you couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving to get all Christmasy on us.

    #1 Blogstalker

  3. @Christine

    I used to make gingerbread dogs in homage to my dogs but then I felt bad because I'd show them the cookies and be like "Look, I made doggy cookies, no you can't EAT these cookies, they are just for looking." So basically I was taunting my poor little dogs with delicious Christmas treats.

    Also, I totally recommend unemployment. That is, until I don't get a paycheck in December and am all "MUST FIND JOB."

    And the reindeer thing sounds true...so I'm going to assume it it.

  4. @Anonymous

    Oh that picture was just the tip of the iceberg as far as the amount of Christmas clothes I own is concerned. I just couldn't fit all of my pants/socks/elf ears into one picture so I had to narrow it down a bit.

    And as far as Christmas posts are concerned. It was either talk about Christmas or not post at all, since it is the only thing on my mind these days.

  5. Lauren, I'm not thinking about Christmas for at least two more days...hopefully, so I wanted to wish you and all yours a Happy Thanksgiving full of Christmas cheer!

    Wait...that didn't come out right.

  6. @Jo

    I totally get where you're going with that. I often wish Ryan a "Happy Hanukah with a Christmas Twist." And then he's like "That's not a thing." And I'm like "Then why are there red and green candles in the menorah?" And he's all "Because you told me they were out of blue candles."

  7. Every year I debate whether to feel guilty about cutting down a tree in its prime, or feel guilty for all the plastic pollution and possible slave labor involved in the making of an artificial tree. Christmas isn't Christmas until you feel guilty.

  8. @Wendy

    I'm Catholic so guilt just comes with the territory unfortunately. So at least Christmas doesn't make me feel more guilty... just normal guilty.

    Thanks for reading! Have a great Day-Before-The-Christmas-Season-Starts-Officially.

  9. I really miss those penguin pants...

  10. @Vanessa

    STAY AWAY from my penguin pants. I am serious. I know where you live.


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