Do You Believe In Magic? Ryan Doesn't. Because He is Dumb.

So Ryan walked into our condo the other day and caught me standing in the kitchen with my eyes closed wildly waving my arms about.

Ryan: "Do I even want to know what you're doing?"

Lauren: "Well....I'm NOT trying to clean the kitchen with magic, that's for sure."

Ryan: (all mumbly and walking away) "I wish I could make someone else walk just one day in my shoes."

Lauren: (Shouting since Ryan is rapidly moving out of earshot) "This week is Mental Illness Awareness week by the way.  I think we can both agree I deserve a card or a small monkey or something."

Update: I am STILL waiting on my monkey.  And for the kitchen to be cleaned by fairies.  Or by Ryan.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10/14/2011

    Yay! New post!

    Boo to your house fairies who have been slacking off.

    #1BS (blog stalker)


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