Darling You Are Growing Older

A couple of Thursdays ago I got a $20 gift certificate in my email for a sushi place Ryan and I eat at all the time because APPARENTLY it was the day I turned twenty-seven and one half years old.  It seems it is not enough to just get older once a year anymore.

Also, I made Ryan celebrate my half birthday with me that night, which means I sent him a text during the day saying “Can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for my half birthday! Love You!”  And then Ryan had to run out and get me flowers and a bag of peanut M&Ms.

I’m currently getting my wedding dressed cleaned, after seven months.  It’s going to take a lot of weeks.  I’m already experiencing separation anxiety.  When I told Ryan this he asked “Are you going to experience separation anxiety when I go out of town in August?”  And I was like “Yes?...Let's Just Say Yes”

Ryan has this giant really nice beanbag chair that he got in college called a LoveSac.  LoveSac is the name the producing/distributing company gave this really nice beanbag chair, not like a secret and sick name Ryan and I gave it.  In fact, if I actually had to give it a name, I would call it the I’mAllOutOfLoveSac because seriously it is RUINING MY LIFE.  For one thing, my husband, a 28 (if I have to be 27.5 then you have to be 28 Ryan) year old man, and not a 18 year old college fraternity boy, has a history of NOT LETTING ME GET RID OF THE LOVESAC.  For another, it is giant.  Like it was made to seat three adult people comfortably.  And it currently resides in our second bedroom, which is not that big.  Which means to get in the second bedroom you have to shove the door open as far as you can against the LoveSac and then dive through the door crack onto the LoveSac and then roll to the ground on the other side.  And the thing is, the second bedroom is home to all of my clothes.  It is where I get dressed in the morning after taking a shower.  And I don’t appreciate having to do a ridiculous naked dive tuck and roll maneuver just to be able to get some damn underwear. 

If anyone is interested, I am selling a LoveSac.  It is really nice with absolutely zero gum stains and I never roll around on it naked.  Please contact me and NOT RYAN if you are interested.

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  1. Anonymous8/22/2012

    HAHA my boyfriend has a LoveSac that he refuses to get rid of too! He has a 2 BR condo (and a roommate) so there's really nowhere to put it and he's trying to "loan" it to his parents or sister for a couple of years until we can buy a house. UGH! Did you ever manage to get rid of it? I might need some tips!


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